During her time at the Farm, Betty continues to do more investigating and she finally gets more answers. It turns out that the Farm is taking organs (mostly kidneys) from its members and selling them under the guise of it being some kind of special treatment. We also got confirmation that people seeing their loved ones was faked. When Betty goes into the room she sees the darker version of herself and the Farm/Edgar try to convince her that that darker side is her true self and she has the gene that will make her a serial killer like Hal. It was really no surprise that it turned out to be Polly dressed up to look like Betty. I definitely didn’t expect the organ thing to be what the Farm was up to and I just hope that this new revelation isn’t going to drag their story on for too much longer. I feel like it might considering it’s completely new information but at the same time, the Farm has really become a focal point a little too late into the season and so I’m already over it.

After discovering everything that’s going on Betty manages to convince Cheryl of the truth. I’m so thankful that someone got out and hopefully Toni will be a great asset to taking the Farm down from the outside by passing on what information she has. I’m anxious to know what’s going to happen with Cheryl and Betty now that they’ve been caught especially with neither of them being blinded to what the Farm truly is. With Kevin and Fangs, I do feel sympathetic and I hope that they can be shown the truth and we’ll get them back but boy am I mad. Also, I think the thing that bothers me more is where is Sweet Pea? How has he not had a reaction to Fangs joining the Farm? During season 2 they were practically inseparable and Sweet Pea lost it when he thought Fangs had died but now there seems to be no real reaction. I would have expected him march into the Farm and drag Fangs home by now.

That to me was the biggest part of the episode but there were two other things happening alongside it.

Let’s start with the Hiram portion of the story because I want to revel in the joy of him being caught especially because I know the happiness probably won’t last long. Still, it was nice to see Veronica and co work together to try and bring him down. With the FBI involved, if everything goes to plan he should be going down for a long time but Hiram has twisted his way out of bad situations in the past so I’m skeptical.

The other thing happening is Jughead still looking into G&G. With Jellybean’s help he finds out that Ricky is about to ascend and he goes in search of him. Along the way he runs into Ethel, the Boy Scout troop that Dilton Doiley ran, and the Black Hood. There’s a bit of a chase but in the end Jughead convinces Ethel to talk to FP and to let them help her. There’s a bombshell dropped at the end when it’s revealed that Jason Blossom might be the Gargoyle King and it doesn’t help that his grave is empty. While I’m guessing that’s not actually the case, I am curious to know where the hell his body is but we’ll have to see.

Based on the promo for next week (the season finale) it looks like the Farm storyline and the G&G storyline might blend together. Hopefully both can be closed up at the same time before we move into season 4. I wouldn’t mind seeing the aftermath of it all because there’s a lot of characters who will be need to process what’s happened but I also don’t want it to be the main focus.

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