Another season of Riverdale comes to an end and I have to say, it was surprisingly good. I’ve said it before but the pacing and structure this season wasn’t very good. It was incredibly messy and just felt like things were being dragged out. Although, at least we got some kind of conclusion to the G&G content and the Farm content while also finally putting an end to the Black Hood.

Throughout the episode the core four: Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica, are tasked to complete a final round of G&G to see if they’re like all of the horrible people in Riverdale. We discover that Penelope was the mastermind behind G&G back when the Midnight Club were together and that she was the one to encourage Hal and his murderous ways. As a lot of people predicted, Hal didn’t kill Chic and Penelope took that to her advantage by turning Chic into the Gargoyle King as well as making him look like Jason. The core four make their way through the various challenges and along the way Chic is knocked out (and later he’s arrested) and Hal is killed by Penelope finally ending his reign and she escapes into the night. I have to admit, it was actually quite fun to watch the core four make their way through the tasks. It feels like forever since we saw them working as a team and so it was nice to finally get that again.

While all of that is going on, we get some progress with the Farm. Things are closing in on Edgar. Toni knows about the harvested organs and has escaped but now Cheryl also knows that Jason’s body has been taken and kept at the Farm. With everything getting too close for comfort, Edgar brings forward the ascension. Luckily, Alice helps Cheryl and Juniper escape from the Farm before that can happen. Throughout this entire episode it’s been clear that something is different about Alice. She’s been a lot more skeptical and really this is the first time that we’ve focused on Alice’s point of view during any Farm scenes. We normally see how she is through Betty’s eyes or someone else’s. Now we know the truth, Alice is working for the FBI. It honestly makes sense and I do hope they talk about it more in the next season. I knew the Farm wouldn’t be done by the end of season 3 but I’m glad it’s continuing on in this way, it might actually be fun and it could work really well, especially if they don’t brush over all of the horrible things Alice had to do in order to keep her cover in tact. Also, Charles is alive! I, like most people, were hoping for this and finally he’s here. I do hope we see a lot of him in season 4 and more than that, I hope they don’t actually kill him off.

All in all I appreciate that the Black Hood has been left behind and it seems that G&G has been as well. They both should have ended long before now but at least they won’t be in season 4 unless it’s in terms of seeing everyone recovering from it all. The Farm is going to continue on and as I said, I’m fine with that because it’s more of an aftermath and a new course of action. This definitely wasn’t Riverdale‘s best season but I do think that most of that was down to how it was structured so here’s to hoping that season 4 will be much better.

Speaking of, that final scene that was set during Spring Break? I’m personally not thinking about it too much right now but it’s definitely misleading. It’s a short scene and completely out of context but it does show that things are going to be just as dramatic and bizarre next season as well.

Some other things:

  • Veronica and Hermione have full control over most if not all of Hiram’s properties, however, he got Hermione arrested for his attempted murder and even planted evidence. Honestly though, the thing I’m most interested in is the fact that Smithers is Veronica’s legal guardian. Let’s hope we’re going to see more of that!
  • Archie and Mad Dog are going to expand the gym into a community center and/or half way house which they will run together. I’m excited for this because it certainly means more Mad Dog.
  • The Serpents and the Poisons worked pretty well together this episode so hopefully that means they’ll continue to in the future.
  • Cheryl went to visit Jason’s body which I don’t understand because she was so freaked out before and it really makes no sense but they’ll probably elaborate on that next season so I’m going to try and hold back any judgement.
  • Kevin was the only Farmie left behind so let’s hope the show doesn’t brush over his recovery. Also, where was Tom Keller during all of this?
  • And I’ll say it again… Charles! Smith! Is! Here! He’s met Alice, Betty, and Jughead, now he just has to meet FP and Jellybean and I’m so stoked for that to happen. There’s also the twins to meet and I’m sure he’ll probably meet Polly after the whole Farm thing comes to a conclusion.

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