There was some pretty strong focus on Mary Pat this week and we finally back track to episode 3 of this season where Boomer supposedly “died.” Something always felt off to me about that episode. While I was excited, like most people, that Boomer finally got what was coming to him, it did feel really sudden and never quite sat right. Well, now we know that it’s because Boomer was never really dead and has in fact been hiding out this entire time.

Along with that discovery, we get confirmation that it was actually Jeff – Mary Pat’s husband – that the girls disposed of. Through flashbacks we get to see that he really did just drop dead while out playing with the kids but she chose to cover it up in order to keep getting money to support her family. I get why Mary Pat did the things she did. Covering up Jeff’s death was to help her family, pretending that she had killed Boomer was better than facing the fact he had gotten away (and plus, it helps her finally get rid of her husband’s body), and wanting out of the entire situation – especially after Boomer raped her – is understandable. Although, here’s the thing, while I’m sure she loves her kids, when confronted with Beth, Annie, and Ruby outside the church, she legs it without even a second thought to them sitting in the car. I still don’t trust Mary Pat. She might have had her reasons and I’m definitely on her side with a lot of the decisions she’s made, but I also think she would do anything to protect herself and that can only continue to spell trouble. That being said, I don’t think we’ll see much of Mary Pat again, especially once this whole Boomer and FBI mess gets sorted out.

I do also have to throw out how much I loved the scene of her dragging Boomer’s body away. The music that played and the fact that we watched it all through the back window of her car made it even better.

And yes, Boomer is in fact alive! It really isn’t that shocking. I do think that there’s more to unpack there and hopefully we’ll get some pretty solid answers in the finale. With the reveal being right at the end of this episode, I’m going to assume there will be quite a few Boomer scenes or at least scenes focused around the fact that he is alive during the final episode. While he is a vile human being, him being around is actually a good thing. Beth and co can’t be charged with his murder if he isn’t dead. I also doubt that he will accuse them of hitting him with the car, especially if the girls manage to broker a deal with him (and he doesn’t double cross them again) so there’s no fear of that either. There’s really no way to tell right now but considering Boomer has shown up during the penultimate episode and the FBI seem to be closing in even tighter, it just seems logical that Boomer will have something to do with finally bringing this whole investigation to a head. We’ll just have to wait and see if it’s in a good or bad way.

[Allison Tolman as Mary Pat | NBC]

Throughout this whole mess, Annie is actually the one to figure out where Boomer might be. She’s rightfully the most upset out of the trio especially considering everything she’s been through with him in the past and I absolutely adored her content during this episode. We saw the slightly more comedic side when she chased down Mary Pat and tackled her to the ground (arguably one of the funniest scenes in the entire show) and we also got to see a more emotional side as everything came to a head. Her confrontation with Marion was especially upsetting because we got more confirmation that Annie had in fact been helping her. She had been sorting through her bills/mail to keep them organised, she did all the shopping, helped to run errands, and even took Marion to the Doctor’s when she needed it. It broke my heart when Annie said that she did it all because she wanted to and because they were friends. She really does have a heart of gold and while she is the most likely of the trio to do something selfish, she really isn’t as selfish as people make her out to be. It was even worse that she was instantly regretful when she thought she had wrongfully accused Marion of hiding Boomer. I definitely think this is going to sit with Annie for a while but hopefully if this whole mess comes to a close, she’ll be able to move on from this particular situation.

However, she also has Noah to deal with. I was not expecting her to reveal she knew like that. Although, in retrospect, it’s not too surprising. Everything was weighing on Annie this episode and something just had to give. His reaction was something else entirely though. We’ve seen before now that he might be having doubts and that definitely continued on during this episode. I still don’t entirely trust him but with things heating up in the finale, he might finally show us if he is truly with Turner of if he’s going to switch sides. During this episode, he mentions that he and Annie will figure something out, even after she confirms that she won’t turn on Beth. It makes me inclined to believe that there’s at least the possibility that he’ll flip. Another moment I did appreciate, is the look on his face when Sadie knocks on the bathroom door. He looks so worried and regardless of whether he chooses to help Annie or not, I do think he cares about Sadie and doesn’t want to see him get hurt. So far, Noah has been an entertaining enough character but it’s always been muddied by the fact that he’s undercover FBI, however, I did really like him in this episode, especially during that bathroom scene. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him but we’re going to need to know for sure where he stands.

[Sam Huntington as Noah and Mae Whitman as Annie Marks | NBC]

It’s not just Annie that’s having problems with the FBI either. Stan and Ruby are still being harassed by Turner who won’t give up on trying to get them to throw Beth under the bus. The two of them won’t budge, not even when Turner contacts their lawyer and reveals that Ruby paid with fake money. It was pretty obvious that her using the money was going to come to a bad end (and we haven’t even seen how Rio is going to react yet) but the more important thing about this whole situation, is it showed just how pure and good Stan truly is. The walls are closing in on him and he still won’t bend. He is even willing to go to prison and serve his time despite the fact that it could be so easy for him to just throw Beth under the bus and get his freedom. I love that he won’t stoop that low and I’m inclined to think that Ruby won’t go down that road again either. Regardless, the Hills truly are between a rock and a hard place right now and I can only imagine that things are going to get worse before they can even begin to get better.

And even with all of that going on, we also have Beth. While she does assist in trying to track down Mary Pat, she also has her own things going on. She and Dean are officially going through with the divorce and even sit down to tell the kids. Their reactions were so adorable and absolutely hilarious. It’s a relief that they’re not too upset by the whole thing, it means there’s one less thing holding Beth and Dean back. They’ve even talked about how custody might work although when they talk about work, it’s implied that they both might both continue to work together, maybe even at Boland Motors if they ever it get it back to a usable state after the FBI raid, which really isn’t too shocking. And, even if Beth continues to work with Rio and get money that way, it’s going to help her a lot if she has a legitimate job. Regardless, things are definitely moving forward with their separation and after 20 years of marriage (plus the fact they’ve got four kids), it makes sense that they’ll still be in each other’s lives. And speaking of working with Rio, she and him are still on some pretty rocky ground since she decided she was out during episode 9 but the pair have been through a lot this season and even with things getting more intense in the next episode, I doubt these two will ever truly be done with each other. (Also, real quick, let’s appreciate the fact she left him so many voicemails and he supposedly went to Lego Land with Marcus).

Overall, this definitely did feel like that build up to the final episode and it did a really great job of it. I also appreciate how the episode split across the three women while also having a good amount of focus on Mary Pat and the whole mystery behind who was buried in Beth’s back garden. I’m definitely curious to see what it’ll be like to watch this one and the finale back to back once the season is over.

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