[Header Image: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, and Kelly McCormack as Zeph]

This episode really highlighted one of my favourite things about Killjoys and that’s its ability to up the intensity/be dramatic while somehow still managing to throw in some humour that actually works. More often than not, there’s a perfect blend that has you going through a rollercoaster of emotions and this episode was definitely an example of that.

Last week it was only Dutch who had her memories back and warrants were put out for her as a result of it. While Zeph didn’t remember, she was helping, however, this week we saw her memories return as well as D’avin and Johnny’s and to be honest, I loved how it happened for each of them. Zeph remembering the pain of losing Pip and having to go through it again was so sudden and incredibly painful to watch but so very fitting. The fact she lost her memories again at the end of the episode means she’s going to have to remember losing him all over again and I can imagine it’s going to hurt even more the next time around. Especially, considering she should remember the first time her memories came back because, thanks to Johnny remembering where the mainframe was, it seems as if any previous memories (fake or real) remain. Although, I’ll admit, at this point, I’m just hoping she gets them back at all. I really don’t like the idea of Zeph wandering around out there not remembering Dutch or the others after everything she went through in this episode and the last.

D’avin and Johnny were thankfully a slightly happier affair. I adore that kissing Dutch was enough to make D’avin realise that things really weren’t okay and after that there was really no delaying in getting both him and Johnny to remember who they were. I appreciated that as soon as their memories came back, we got Team Awesome Force back to their old selves and dynamic. Seeing them tease each other and work together just reminded me of how much I love them. And it wasn’t just them has a trio but also as duos as well. D’avin and Johnny’s brotherly relationship has always been one of my favourites with how they clearly care a lot about each other but aren’t afraid to wind each other up either. The two of them and Dutch might have ended the episode with guns pointed at them but I’m so happy to know they’re all together and hopefully, unlike Zeph, it stays that way.

In fact, Team Awesome Force’s relationship (both as a trio and separate duos) and how they all worked together at the end is a prime example of how the show is able to make things dramatic and still laugh out loud funny. Still, none of the humorous moments dampens the far more serious elements of the episode, those of which primarily involved the Lady. She’s already switched bodies in this episode and we know she’s not afraid to do it again. Dutch may have caused some damage but it doesn’t seem like the Lady is planning to give up any time soon and now she’s essentially backed Khylen into a corner meaning she’s still got a bit of an upper-hand. I want to believe that he won’t give up Dutch or Jaq but I am curious to see what he does and how everyone else deals with the fallout. The last we saw Jaq, he and Kendry had a plan but I’m itching to know if it’ll be enough.

I’m even more anxious to see the next episode after this and if every episode (up to and including the penultimate) does that for me, then this season really is going to be a wild ride. Having this episode and the previous one end in a way that leaves you hanging but still oddly satisfied, just makes the desire to keep watching even stronger. Really, the only thing I’m crossing everything for, is a final episode that closes everything up but still satisfies just as much.

Also, quick note, I enjoyed the little scenes we got with Fancy Lee and Turin. I actually loved these fake versions of them just as much as the real versions and Fancy’s scene was really hilarious – “Hey. Sexy people have feelings too.”. – I genuinely couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. And something I didn’t really mention last week but I love Pree’s new look. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to get the old Pree back but this look of his? I dig it.

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