[Header Image: Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis, Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis, and Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch | Syfy/Space]

We pick up pretty much where we left off last week, with Team Awesome Force arriving at a high-security prison. The sequence of Johnny and D’avin being questioned at the prison was really great, especially with Johnny trying to prove that he’s a Killjoy. It was interesting that they all got split up. Dutch and D’avin are in a bit of a predicament considering there’s not much they can do right off the bat but Johnny wastes no time in getting stuff done. And let me tell you, when Lucy’s voice came through, I screamed. I was not expecting to hear from her again so soon (if we ever did). Now, I know it’s technically not our Lucy but still, it’s a step in the right direction and it was really funny to hear this new version call him Sean by accident. I really hope we get her back properly at some point but even a new Lucy is better than no Lucy.

Of course, Johnny has a fully-fledged plan in mind to get them out which technically worked really well only, they’re not where he thinks they are so really his good plan is of no use. Still, it was entertaining to watch his plan unfold regardless of whether they could actually use it or not. It made me laugh when he straight-up walked over and sat with D’avin without any guards stopping him. I also love that he’s just causing chaos around the prison. Firstly, he got that guy into trouble by ramming the cart into a guard and then he claimed that D’avin was a biter. It’s all for the escape of course but it was just hilarious to watch him do it especially when he seemed to be having fun.

[Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis, and Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis | Syfy/Space]

Although he is having fun while he’s doing his plan, it is interesting that the show keeps coming back to Johnny and Dutch’s ‘marriage.’ I’m confident in saying that he isn’t in love with her, after all this time I don’t see the writers going down that route. They’ve been explicitly clear that Johnny and Dutch think of each other as siblings and they’re simply best friends (platonic soulmates even) but I do like that the writers haven’t skipped over this. It really must be strange to think your whole life is one way only to find out it’s a lie but still have the memories. I can imagine it’s easier for Dutch – albeit a little awkward – because she’s lived different lives before.

Speaking of Dutch, I really wasn’t sure what she was going to do with that spoon Johnny slipped to her but what we got was so cool. I never even considered her using it to get the guard’s fingerprints. I love how she also used it later to check the corridors and make sure they’re clear. Who knew a spoon could be so handy.

And its initial handiness means she’s able to reunite with Johnny and although, while I did say I understand his awkwardness and the way he’s behaving around Dutch, I do miss when they could just be themselves around each other. She’s clearly trying to make things normal and usually, they overcome the obstacles in their way so fingers crossed that happens sooner rather than later. It was also interesting to find out that she has noticed Johnny’s behaviour but she assumed that it was over losing Lucy. Also, the fact that the writers basically confirmed that Lucy owns Johnny’s heart (aka they’re in love) meant everything to me!

All of that aside, as I said before, the plan doesn’t exactly work, but it does lead to them doing a task for the Warden to find out who has put a hit on a powerful inmate called Sparlow in exchange for Team Awesome Force being transferred to G Wing which is lower on security. Of course, as soon as they get close to Sparlow one of the prisoners, Coren Jeers (who appeared in season one), recognises them and outs them but it was hilarious when Dutch says, “Oh, it’s our process. It looks like we’re failing until we don’t.” because technically, it is true. Don’t get me wrong, Team Awesome Force are amazing at what they do but they’re usually big disasters along the way.

Calvert being the person to go after Sparlow was not what I was expecting at all. I was guessing she would play a bigger part in this episode considering we learnt her name and met her so early on (in the psych ward with D’avin near the start) but for her to actually be involved was a pleasant surprise. It also led to us getting a fight scene. It was really entertaining that Calvert was able to last a pretty long time against the entirety of Team Awesome Force. She gave as good as she got considering there were three of them but of course, our team won. For the same reasons that Calvert does technically makes sense, Coren Jeers being behind it all also makes sense as well. Not only because we spend time with him but because we’ve seen him before in the show.

[Patrick Garrow as Turin, Kelly McCormack as Zeph, and Thom Allison as Pree / Syfy/Space]

While all of this is going on, we have Zeph and oh my, I’m so proud of her! Not only did she find her way back to her hideout but she had planned for having her memory wiped again. I also love that she went to get Turin and I couldn’t stop laughing when she said she had a new drug called “reality, man.” Also, the fact that his immediate reaction to getting his memories back was to be angry fitted perfectly with his character and I’m so glad to have him back. We also got Pree back which I’m so happy about. I’ve enjoyed the version of him we’ve had so far but nothing beat the old Pree. We didn’t see when he initially got his memories back but I did love his reaction after the fact and how he wanted Gared to be one of the first to be woken up.

Thanks to Zeph we have another awesome trio. Seeing her work with Turin and Pree is something I’m glad we’re getting to experience and I can’t wait to see more of it. Similarly to Team Awesome Force, they all have something different to bring to the table which makes them a really excellent and valuable group. While they don’t find the Team Awesome Force, they do find a series of spaceships that are causing the rain which brings us one step closer to them stopping the whole ordeal. If anyone can stop the rain, it’s Zeph. Unfortunately, the Lady knows that there is a rebellion but still, I have faith and considering Zeph has lost her memories twice (and come back both times), I don’t really see it happening again.

Speaking of the Lady, Honestly, the biggest takeaway from the scenes between her and Khlyen is that he seems to be so fed up with her. He almost sounds bored whenever he’s around her and it was really amusing to watch. She is leaning on him a lot though and we discover that the Lady doesn’t fully understand humans yet. We can see her control slipping gradually bit by bit. Something else, I will say, Alanna Bale is doing a fantastic job as the Lady. I really can’t wait for Team Awesome Force and the others to get rid of her but for now, she’s captivating to watch and Bale is taking my breath away with her performances.

By the end of this episode, Team Awesome Force are still in prison but we’re still taking some steps forward. The fact that they’re even there was part of a bigger plan to bring Jaq out of hiding so there’s still that to look forward to and of course, Zeph, Turin, and Pree are working on saving Westerly from the Lady. This season is really amping up and so far, it’s been a really enjoyable ride. I don’t want it to end but I’m excited to see what else is in store.

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