[Header: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis, and Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis | Syfy/Space]

We are officially at the halfway mark of this season and I’ll admit, I am holding my breath a little bit. So far, this final season has been really wonderful. It’s managed to give me a lot of great things but it is also still stressing me out. There’s so much that needs to be dealt with before the end of the season and I know that will be in some way, shape, or form but waiting for it is the hard part.

Take Johnny and Dutch, for example. Their friendship is so important and beautifully shown throughout the entirety of Killjoys. I even said in my review for last week’s episode that I understood what was going on between them and why Johnny was reacting the way that he is and I still do. I trust that the writers know how important their friendship is and it shouldn’t be ruined by any type of romantic feelings. However, while these are things I do understand, it’s stressful waiting for them to finally be their old selves around one another.

Don’t get me wrong, their content is still brilliant. Watching Dutch finally confront him about it in this episode was really great and it was so perfect to hear her talk about how she feels towards Johnny. Due to that conversation being with D’avin, she was able to speak so freely without fear of making things worse. Their scenes are still so wonderful to watch and there is clearly a lot of importance put on their relationship, I just really can’t wait for things to go back to normal with them.

[Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis and Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch | Syfy/Space]

All that being said, Team Awesome Force had some bigger things going on. Still stuck in prison, they manage to come up with a plan. Which turns out to be another failure but hey, it still technically worked. It was also, similarly to their last plan to escape the prison, really fun to watch. I especially liked that Lucy was so involved again! She’s definitely not our girl as we knew her but Johnny is still clearly working on establishing that relationship with her once again. I hope we get to see this new Lucy grow and expand to develop more of a personality and what that will be like.

While she and Johnny are figuring out the tech side, we get to see Dutch kick some ass and honestly, that was a definite must. Sometimes I forget just how good she is at fighting but this episode really highlighted her skill and also how resilient she can be. When she bit that chip out of the guy’s neck, I lost it. It was the type of brutal yet tactile thing that she would do. It also worked so wonderfully that she thought about her relationship with Johnny right before the final fight and that D’avin was coaching her through everything, right from her very first fight.

Speaking of D’avin, it was hilarious that he was continuously disappointed in not being picked as a fighter. It seemed to get under his skin which was really amusing to watch. Also, and I know it technically wasn’t him, (although it also kind of was,) I really loved the scene where he was talking to Kendry in the woods about her doing a good job with Jaq because it was so accurate.

[Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis and Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch | Syfy/Space]

This episode we finally get to see Kendry and Jaq again who have been looking for one of the cubes as part of their plan. It was so nice to see that she was still being a protective mother and to watch her open up about her feelings was amazing. In the past, Kendry has been such a cold and cut off character but she really wanted to Jaq to know that she cares.

And then that reunion! Kendry and Aneela seeing each other was the most adorable thing and I’ll be the first to admit that I cried a little. The fact that the former was so speechless and the way they said “hi” to each other was really cute. It was also a very big moment that Kendry literally got down on her knees. That, and what we saw of her and Jaq so far this season but especially in this episode, really highlighted the massive character growth that Kendry has gone through during the overall series.

I am curious to know what will happen next though. There had been pictures of this episode which suggested Aneela was coming back so it wasn’t a total surprise. However, the thing is, we’re only halfway through so it’s very possible that the show might toy with us. I hope not. The reunion seemed genuine and I’m so happy to have her back. I can’t imagine anything will be easy from here on out but I really do hope that this is Aneela back for good. I’m also really looking forward to seeing her interact with Jaq considering he was asking about her.

[Hannah John-Kamen as Aneela, Jaeden Noel as Jaq Kin Rit, and Mayko Nguyen as Delle Seyah Kendry | Syfy/Space]

By the end of the episode, Team Awesome Force are still stuck in prison with the added fear that certain prisoners have taken over. We have a plus with the fact that Aneela seems to be back which hopefully means that she along with Jaq and Kendry are one step closer to being able to help Team Awesome Force to defeat the Lady. Who, speaking of, is trying to find who is awake before they can cause any more trouble. Her going to Westerly did lead to some positives though as Khlyen is going to “wake up” Gared and he’ll finally get his memories back. I was wondering what was going to happen with that. The entire time they were at the bar, I kept wondering how Gared was going to become involved considering we saw that he was there but the fact that it was all part of a plan that Khlyen seems to have just added to the eagerness I have to see next week’s episode.

I hope this all means we’re another step closer to everyone reuniting again to face off against the Lady. While the separate teams and individuals do work really well, I don’t want the big reunion to come right at the end. That being said, things are moving on very well so far in this final season and while I might be holding my breath a little, I’m still very much enjoying the ride.

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