Euphoria Season 1 Episode 2: ‘Stuntin’ Like My Daddy’ Review

[Header Image: Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs and Eric Danes as Cal Jacobs | HBO]

The cold opening for this episode follows Nate with a closer look at Cal as well. It’s really no surprise that things are so messed up there but oh boy. Something I appreciated was that when things started to get really dark with Nate during this episode, his actions were never excused. Instead, his past simply offers up an explanation for why he decides to react the way he does.

As well as delving into his past, we see him confront Tyler (Lukas Gage) who he violently attacks. We know that Tyler hasn’t actually done anything wrong but Nate genuinely believes he raped Maddy (Alexa Demie). That being said, the sequence of events show uses just how brutal he can be. We saw glimpses of it in the pilot but this time we dive in really deep. It was honestly even scarier and more disturbing. While, yes, we know what he went through growing up and that Cal is a much more dangerous monster, Nate is still a bad guy. Honestly, Jacob Elordi does such a fantastic job in this episode. His talent with the attention to detail given to Nate, makes him an intriguing character to watch.

I am curious to know what will happen next. I genuinely seen no spoilers so I have zero idea of what’s to come. We know a little bit more about what Cal is keeping secret but there’s still a lot to unravel there. Clearly Nate is a little afraid of him, even if he won’t admit it, and I can’t see his recent actions against Tyler being a one off. I’m also interested to know if anything will happen with Maddy considering she lied about blacking out.

[Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs | HBO]

While all of that is going, we catch back up with Kat. It turns out she had been filmed having sex with that guy at the house party and the video was uploaded online. She categorically denies the claims that it’s her in the video, even getting the help of Troy and Roy (Tyler and Tristian Timmons) to spread the word that it was some other girl in the video. It’s hard to tell for sure if it works but it seems that not everyone is believing her claims of denial. Even the head teacher calls her in to talk about it. I just knew something was bound to go wrong after the previous episode but I hoped I would be wrong.

That being said, it does lead down a very different path. While finding another copy of the video online, she drifts to the comments section. I did watch the preview for episode 3 and it seems like Kat is going to fully embrace putting herself online and making money from the men in that comment section and their attraction to her. I’m super interested to see where that might go. It definitely wasn’t quite the route I was expecting Kat’s story to go down but I am majorly curious to see where it ends up.

[Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez | HBO]

The last major thing we focus on is Rue. We discover that at age thirteen, while taking care of father (who is dying of cancer), she tried oxycodone for the first time. We also see an insight to around the time she overdosed and honestly, a lot of the things we’re shown of Rue this episode were upsetting. There’s that one particular scene where she’s arguing with her mum in the corridor and I’ve never felt so tense. On the one hand I couldn’t look away but on the other hand, I didn’t want to watch. There was a similar sensation when the two fo them and Gia were singing in the car together. That was arguably a lighter moment but the tension was still there. All of it sits under the heavy cloud of Rue’s drug use.

And we can see she feels bad. She cries just thinking about her summer when she’s asked to talk about it at school and we saw her begin to cry when she wakes up in hospital after her overdose. Everything Rue does this episode tells us that while she might be taking drugs still, hurting her mother and sister is the one thing she regrets about it.

Besides finding out about her history with drugs, we also see Rue show up at Fezco’s place right before another drug dealer, Mouse (Meeko), shows up. Like I said, everything with Rue this episode was upsetting and intense. In this portion of the episode, she is forced to take some fentanyl so she doesn’t come out completely unscathed and things almost get a lot worse for her. Throughout, we see just how much Fezco cares about her. He constantly tries to get Mouse to leave her alone and even begins to go for his gun at one point which would have probably send everything straight to hell. In the end, Fezco gives up a lot of cash to make sure nothing more happens to her. I’m curious to know were that goes. While he’s still clearly that soft and heartfelt person we met in episode one, this episode showed us that he is capable of a lot and is so much more than that. I’m not sure that he’ll be angry with Rue at all but I can’t imagine it’s going to be easy either.

[Angus Cloud as Fezco | HBO]

Some time later, Fezco calls Jules for help. She’s emotional and lets Rue stay at hers. Earlier in the episode, we had seen the two of them together a lot. They’ve clearly become close and they’re both aware (to some degree) of how messed up they both are. However, Jules has been up to her own stuff as we see her continuing a conversation with an anonymous guy online. They’ve been talking a lot but by the end of the episode it’s revealed that the person she’s been messaging is Nate who says his name is Tyler.

Now, I believe she has no idea who she’s really talking to but I’m not so sure about Nate. I think it’ll be more interesting if he has no idea it’s Jules but regardless, we saw a darker side of him this episode and I can’t imagine that their interactions will lead anywhere good. Either he doesn’t know and the truth potentially angers him when it comes out or he does know and has ulterior motives. Either way, I’m hyped to know what’s happening next.


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