[Header Image: Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis, Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, and Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis | Syfy/Space]

I finished this episode a few moments ago and I’m still reeling from it. It managed to put me on the edge of my seat, make me laugh out loud, and cry. There are so many great qualities to Killjoys and this episode managed to highlight them all. In fact, this entire season has been fantastic at doing that and it’s been such a relief. This is honestly such an amazing show and it’s wonderful to see that things haven’t changed in its final season. There’s only three episodes left so I’ve got everything crossed it’ll continue and we’ll get a deserving ending.

After the success of hiding the prison ship and faking their deaths, Team Awesome Force need to go on a little mission. They have to enlist the help of Calvert in order to blend in but as is the case, there are hiccups along the way. It was actually kind of exciting to have her involved in this episode and it sounds like she might be involved in upcoming episodes as well (or at least she’s credited for the next episode). It seems that there could be a good dynamic between her and Team Awesome and I really feel like she’ll fit in with the others too.

Still, we also got the hilarious moment of Johnny trying to get Dutch’s razor blade from her. I appreciate the fact that the camera was primarily on D’avin and we got to see his reaction while really only hearing what was happening. We are definitely back to their good old dynamics and I love it. It’s such a relief after how off Dutch and Johnny were and I think them being back on track has made it easier for the trio to be themselves again. There was also that really great moment of Johnny swanning back in and making remark of having to save them just like Dutch said he would. And not to mention, we got the wonderful show that Dutch and D’avin put on for the public before they were caught.

Now, that little mission of theirs led to them reuniting with Zeph and Fancy but better than that… We got Lucy back! Don’t get me wrong, I adore Newcy, she was a ton of fun, and I wouldn’t mind at all if we got her as well but our girl is back and I’m so happy that I’ll admit, I started crying. It was so cute when she played the fireworks on all the computer screens in celebration of her reunion with Johnny. Also, there’s the fact that she referred to Newcy as her and Johnny’s baby. The show really does not shy away from how much those two love each other and I honestly appreciate that the writers treat their love as being just as important and strong as any of the other big relationships in the show.

But besides that wonderful reunion, Lucy is actually responsible for Team Awesome Force also reuniting with Zeph and Fancy Lee. At this point, we currently have a lead on where they should look next to figure out how to kill the Lady and her hatchlings. Fancy also spent some time on the Armada (and Lucy was on there as well) so that’s bound to come in handy or come up again in a future episode. It’s not like Team Awesome Force have been sitting around either. Fingers crossed, with us being so close to the end, the group will remain together and Turin, Pree, and Gared will quickly join the rest of then.

However, prior to that, it was honestly so much fun to see Pree, Zeph, and Turin together. As a trio they provided some quality content that had me laughing out loud. The fact that we started with Pree and Zeph was great. It was a relief to see that they were okay and him carrying her the rest of the way was the cutest thing. They have such a fun dynamic that only got better once Turin joined them. It was so entertaining to see them working together but as funny as it was to see them trying to figure out the hatchling Turin had taken, it was also a little intense. At this point, anything could happen and not all of it has to be good. That being said, Killjoys really can put any two (or more) characters together and it’ll be a really grand time. It not only speaks to the talent of the writers but also the actors. I’m genuinely happy to see any characters interact and we get some pretty great ones.

Right now, a large chunk of our main group is back together and we’re still moving towards the finale at a pretty enjoyable pace. We might only have three episodes left but it doesn’t feel like there’s any need to be concerned. It seems absolutely plausible that the rest of the season will be structured just as well and we should (hopefully) get a satisfying ending.

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