[Header Image: Kelly McCormack as Zeph | Syfy/Space]

This episode takes another step forward in figuring out how to take down the Lady. While they do have their successes, there are a lot of disruptions throughout. It was well paced and the overall structure of the episode was well done and easy to follow but it does have me wondering what the next two episodes are going to be like. So far, I’ve appreciated the pace that’s been set for season 5 but everything is coming to a close and I’m anxious to see how it’ll all fit in. At this point, there’s a lot of different pieces and they haven’t all come together yet.

[Rob Stewart as Khlyen and Alanna Bale as the Lady | Syfy/Space]

That being said, in the journey to find out more information about the Lady and her hatchlings, Zeph and Dutch return to the former’s home. Technically, not a lot happens but there is still depth. Despite things going wrong, the pair of them manage to figure out a way to get the information that they need. Once again we’re shown just how well they work together and it’s still so great to see them in such a good place considering Zeph had blamed Dutch for Pip’s death.

Speaking of, I wasn’t expecting to see Atticus Mitchell back as Pip! Technically it wasn’t him but I was so happy nonetheless. The scene itself was so surreal and it simultaneously made me want to cry and smile when Zeph said that Pip would never say anything horrible to her or blame her for his death. Even though it wasn’t actually him, I was really happy to see him back in some capacity.

And really, Zeph goes through a lot this episode. We can see how draining it is for her to be back home and we’re shown just how upsetting the whole situation is for her. We’re told about the way she was treated – including being locked in the pit more than once and being treated horribly for using science to save her family/people – and not only that but we are shown just how much it still affects her. All of this only serves to deepen the relationship between her and Dutch, so there’s a silver lining at least.

[Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, and Kelly McCormack as Zeph | Syfy/Space]

While they’re off doing that, D’avin and Johnny are trying to prepare the prisoners for battle. It really is such a Jaqobis’ move to plan a game of ‘Capture the Flag’ and then get all competitive about it. Naturally, they don’t have much time to get too into it before things start to go wrong. The game quickly turns sour when a guard is killed and focus quickly turns to Mace. The fact that it was actually the Doctor trying to kill prisoners so they couldn’t escape was pretty interesting. By the time we found out, it was a little obvious, but it definitely isn’t the most predictable route the writers could have gone down.

In the end, it becomes a case of working together in order to take down the Doctor so they can all continue on with their mission. It was fun to watch it all play out. I also really liked the contrasts between these scenes and the ones with Dutch and Zeph. Both have a darker tone but the ones at the prison were visually dark (lighting and colour) and the ones on Leith were much brighter visually. The dark tone in the Dutch/Zeph story creeps in more gradually and is a lot more personal, while in the prison, we have a fairly innocent game turn sinister very quickly once the balls gets rolling.

[Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis, and Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis | Syfy/Space]

And the third and final thing to happen, is the Lady and Khlyen. I was just waiting for something like this to happen. She has clearly grown to rely on him and has leant on him a lot more than she probably should have. So far, he has always had a plan but I’m wondering if he does this time around. He did seriously consider killing her just like Turin suggested but he’s stopped before he can. In a way, it wouldn’t be completely out of the question for Khlyen to have softened a little towards her. They have spent a lot of time together and he has witnessed her exposure to human emotions firsthand. It definitely seems like it’s going to make a bump in the road nonetheless even if he doesn’t completely fall on her side.

Despite that shot of the Lady and Khlyen holding hands, there are a lot of happy endings this episode. Dutch and Zeph have that beautiful moment where they talk about their sisterly relationship. Their t-shirts saying “brawn” and “brain” was also a nice little detail to their story. We also get a brotherly moment between D’avin and Johnny as the former reveals trying to set Johnny up on a date. It was really hilarious and I was beginning to wonder if the show was trying to do that this season. We’ll have to see if he actually does end up with someone though. Regardless, I appreciate getting more acknowledgement that Lucy will always be in Johnny’s life and that he really loves her. That scene where Johnny dreamily moves around the ship as he spends some time with Lucy was amazing. The fact he was so happy to have her back was everything and a great way to open the episode.

All that being said, the last we see of the team, they’re having a meal together. It’s not everyone but still, it’s nice to see a large amount of them somewhat happy and able to relax a little. Fancy cooking for everyone was a great touch too. I also appreciated those scenes where he has the knowledge of Zeph’s people and just the fact that he was admired by the other characters. I mean, it’s impossible not to love him.

At the end of the day, not all hope is lost. Things are still moving forward but as I said, I’m anxious to know how it’s all going to come together in these final two episodes.

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