[Header Image: Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis, Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, and Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis | Syfy/Space]

I admittedly don’t know where to start with this review. It feels strange writing about the final episode of such a wonderful show. During its lifespan, Killjoys has never truly disappointed. Sure, some episodes are way better than others but no episode has been bad per se. It’s been such an amazing ride with lots of emotional twists throughout that are perfectly separated with laugh-out-loud humour. There’s so much depth in everything Killjoys does and I’m so pleased we got to go on this journey with so many interesting and unique characters (who have been played by such talented people).

The fact that the episode started with such a strong focus on family (both blood and found family) was so fitting. The group hug only added to that and I love that Dutch tried to be all professional but then caved and needed a hug which Johnny was relieved about and Turin, naturally, was the last to get involved. It worked so well as a way to start the finale and, after finishing the episode, it felt even more fitting because strong bonds are incredibly important throughout.


In the pervious episode, we saw that the Lady had found and retrieved the cube that Jaq was hiding in. It was so great that he actually planned it because he wanted to protect D’avin and everyone else. We’ve seen just how capable he can be and I loved seeing him stand up and get involved because he wanted to and felt it was right.

I remember when Jaq was first introduced and I was instantly intrigued. We’ve seen it before that he’s a mix of his parents and we saw it again in this episode. In previous episodes this season, we saw his bond with Kendry and the fact he wants to protect D’avin shows that there’s a bond there as well. The one connection I was particularly taken with, is the one Jaq has with Aneela. That scene where she feels him getting shot and goes rushing to protect him was completely badass. The way she touched his face and his gentle smile was so soft. I really didn’t know what to expect from their relationship but the little glimpses we got were wonderful. It’s not surprising that there’s something there because we know Aneela is capable of love and is very protective, it was just great to see that side of her with Jaq as well.

Speaking of badass, Aneela and Kendry claiming their place as Queens was fantastic and everything they deserve. I appreciate that the last shot of them was the Aneela sharing her green so that they can live together forever. We do know that there’s a possibility that it won’t work so I appreciate that it ended with them trying so we, the fans, can decide for ourselves if it’ll work or not. I, personally, think it will. Everything else was so happy, this has to be too, right?

[Hannah John-Kamen as Aneela and Mayko Nguyen as Delle Seyah Kendry | Syfy/Space]

Among all of this, we actually get to see the Lady’s full form. We’ve seen the general look throughout but to actually see her and also to watch Aneela interact/talk with her, was so good. Now, having digested the episode a little, I’m pleased they didn’t kill off the Lady entirely. Taking out her true form makes sense but now she’s human and that works so well considering the show put a ton of focus on her gaining emotions. That moment where she got a doll as a gift was such a great detail. Dutch couldn’t have a doll when she was a child because she was training to be a warrior but the Lady needs to learn to be human and not ruthless like a warrior (which she’s been her whole life). She will essentially go on a completely different journey to the one Dutch went on.

I like to think that Khlyen will visit her and teach her. Chances are she’ll stay in the cube forever but it just seems that both of them could learn and grow. Even in this episode, you could see the connection they made. She clearly cares a lot about him, even getting emotional when he’s hurt and it doesn’t seem to be just because he’s useful (which is shown in how happy she gets over the idea that the gift might be from him). And with Khylen, it seems he feels something in regards to her but his connection to Dutch does win out.

We see him encouraging Dutch while they’re fighting and he doesn’t once blame her or feel betrayed when he’s poisoned. In fact, he’s willing to die so that he can’t be forced to kill her. The way he reminds her of the knife and then jokes about it later was really cute. While Dutch clearly loves him, her speech about needing to be saved from him still rings true in a lot of ways. Really, he has a lot to make up for but we know he’s alive and well so, there’s a chance it’ll actually happen.

[Alanna Bale as the Lady and Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch | Syfy/Space]

But really, it’s happy-ish endings all around. With her status, Kendry makes Pree Lord Governor of all Westerly as well as giving land so the refugees have somewhere to stay while Pree (and co) help to rebuild their homes and create some kind of order. When he said, “bitch, do not toy with my emotions” I really felt that. So much happened in this episode and I was admittedly a little scared that I was being messed with. Thankfully, Pree and Gared get their happy ending and their final scenes were so cute. I’m so glad that they kept finding their way back to each other so that it could end happily for them.

Speaking of toying with emotions, let’s talk about Pippin! Now that I’ve calmed down, it’s not a total surprise. We saw that Zeph had to go through losing him again when she got her memories back and then she saw him when she visited her home. I was just happy for those little crumbs and honestly, it makes sense that they would remind us of him in the lead up to bringing him back. That being said, when Zeph first found him, I was concerned that it wouldn’t be real and I’m incredibly happy that it was. A tiny part of me feels like perhaps it would have been better to leave it considering his death was so emotional and captivating but the bigger part of me doesn’t care and is just pleased to have him back. Similarly to Aneela and Kendry, they left it open for us. We know he has the spider in his head still (even if it has shrunk) and maybe that will cause problems again but for now, he’s fine and he’s with Zeph. I, again, choose to believe that things will end happily here.

And really, the entire episode/show was left a little open. The group are hunting down the Lady’s hatchlings and there’s still a lot to rebuild but there is hope. I think the only thing I would have liked is to see Johnny during his sabbatical but that being said, that final shot of Team Awesome Force was simply fantastic and such a fitting way to end the show. Also, Dutch’s line, “I’m going to miss this” was such a nice farewell.

I do have to say that I feel content. Could some things have been a bit better? Sure. However, it can be hard to end a show right and I think Killjoys did a pretty wonderful job with it. I’m sad it’s over but it’s been the best journey and it’s nice to know it got to end properly instead of being cancelled or something.

[Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis, Aaron Ashmore as John Jaqobis, and Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch killjoys 5×10 Syfy/Space]

Some other things:

  • Everyone getting drunk while celebrating and all waking up together. I appreciate that the Warden was involved in these celebrations and that Turin was the one to wake them up like the Dad he is.
  • Dutch saying that she loves D’avin too and him pointing out that he said it first was so fitting for them and really adorable.
  • Johnny and Dutch saying goodbye was so emotional and beautiful with the right amount of humour.
  • Speaking of, my girl Lucy is everything. I do wish we got more of her after she came back but I’m pleased she was in this episode and I adore that she’s most likely going to go with Johnny during his sabbatical. I like the idea of him spending that time with her.
  • Also, Johnny being a great uncle was everything although I do wish we got more this season! The dynamic between Johnny, Jaq, and D’avin is also amazing too.
  • “Remember when you were like a toddler for five hours and had no opinion? I miss that time.”
  • The brother/sister moment between Johnny and Zeph was super adorable and much appreciated.
  • Team Awesome Force running towards each other for a group hug was much needed and the whole thing ending with that trio was the best way this show could have ended.

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