[Header Image: Jonathan Silverman as Dave and Lauren Lapkus as Phoebe Donnegan | NBC]

While Beth is still stuck in the middle during this episode, things do take a bit of a turn. One one side, she has Rio who wants her to start printing again and on the other side, she still has the Secret Service. She knows she has to give them something and so she comes up with an idea that will hopefully keep them busy and buy her some more time.

The plan she settles on is to set Gene up by making it appear like the counterfeit money goes through his club. While it doesn’t go exactly to plan it provides some excellent scenes. The first is the montage of Beth, Annie, and Ruby having a fake bachelorette party at Sweet P’s. The music choice, the colours, and the no dialogue acting all worked so well together to really elevate every moment and make it such an entertaining watch. Even when everything died down and Phoebe and Dave entered the club, it was still a fun watch. Regardless of the final outcome later on in the episode, this was still by far one of the best montages on the show.

[Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, and Retta as Ruby Hill | NBC]

The other excellent scene is Gene’s interrogation. It was definitely a surprise to see him get so emotional and spill every single detail he could. Even though it didn’t turn out exactly the way Beth had hoped, it’s not a total loss. While it may not have kept the Secret Service busy for long, it is still a win to some degree, especially for the Hills because even though Gene isn’t involved in counterfeit money, he has been involved in lots of illegal things and he is finally out of their lives (at least for now).

Later in the episode, Beth is informed by Phoebe that the investigation is wrapping up which means there’s no more deal. Clearly exhausted from the whole thing, she tells Beth to pick a side and she does. She opts to get Rio arrested and as is seemingly the theme in this episode, that doesn’t provide the desired result. While it keeps her in somewhat of a good standing with the Secret Service — both Dave and Phoebe are clearly excited to get into the interrogation room — things change once again between her and Rio. When she comes home after the arrest, she finds him waiting for her in her bedroom. Understandably, considering their past, she’s visibly afraid but instead, he plans to use the arrest to his advantage against the Secret Service.

During a flashback, we see that Nick got Rio arrested when they were teenagers. A move that saw Rio go to juvie for six months but it also saw Nick gain a promotion at work as a result as well as the trust of his employer. Similarly to what Nick told him when they were teenagers, Rio tells Beth that now the two of them can do whatever they want because the Secret Service trusts her now. A move that really changes the game and could provide some even more entertaining viewing moving forward. While the arrest didn’t work, Beth did pick a side and that’s going to mean something to the Secret Service. It’ll be interesting to see specifically what Beth and Rio (along with Annie and Ruby) get up to now that there is this advantage and just how deep the girls fall into crime and Rio’s world as the safety of the Secret Service becomes less and less of a firm thing.

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