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Right off the bat, I’m going to say that I would recommend Baymax! to most, if not all, people. It will be a particularly enjoyable experience for those of you who are already acquainted with the character Baymax who previously appeared in both the Big Hero 6 movie and tv series, however, the good thing about this new show is that you can still follow along even if you don’t know the character already.

That being said, Baymax! has six episodes in total. The first five follow Baymax as he tries to help a new person each episode and it eventually all comes together for a pretty special sixth episode although I won’t say any more about that to help you avoid spoilers. Each episode is only around 10 minutes long (give or take a minute) meaning this entire season only requires roughly an hour of your time.

There’s, unfortunately, not too much I can say without spoiling this series but with such a short runtime for the entire season, it’s worth going into it with little to no information. I would also recommend trying to avoid trailers and such if you can as well.

Each episode in this first season focuses on a different topic. Some may seem a little silly on the surface but each episode has a message that is important and doesn’t feel like it’s been shoved down your throat or like it’s trying too hard. Each episode is wholesome, each character is fantastic, and the whole thing comes together in the form of a very enjoyable first season.

Baymax! is a family-friendly series but while the messages of the episodes and the struggles of the characters are relayed in fairly simple, straightforward ways, it never feels like things are being overshadowed or treated as unimportant. It feels like care went into each episode and while some are better than others, the whole show is a delightful watch and feels like a warm hug.

So, if you have an hour or so to spare, absolutely give Baymax! a watch.

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