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Both Leverage and its comeback show Leverage: Redemption are such fun and delightful series to watch. They’re incredibly entertaining and this new season is no different (so far). Seen as the first three episodes were released at the same time, I’ve compiled them into one review.

This first episode — The Debutante Job — is a great re-introduction to the world. Considering we didn’t get much of Hardison in the previous season, it was exciting to see him in this episode and it was wonderful to know that he was the one bringing the team a new case. 

It was also good to have Harry back again and it was really fun to see how they chose to bring him back into the fold. The dynamics in this series continue to be fantastic and not only do we get even more of that but it continues to tell us more and more about these characters individually.

That being said, this case was really fun, especially to see the team go undercover. It really felt like they all got the opportunity to shine which was fantastic for the first episode back. It’s always great to see them thinking on their toes when things don’t go quite to plan or a new opportunity appears. And, as always, it’s satisfying when a key detail is revealed and we find out how their whole plan came together. Particularly in the case of the target’s neighbour, an old acquaintance of Sophie. Which, on a final note, it was hilarious to find out about her involvement in the musician’s album.

[Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux and Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer | Freevee ]

Now, episode two — The One Man’s Trash Job — gives us even more background on Sophie which, of course, I’m never going to say no to. I love finding out more information about these characters no matter how invested I already am in them. As I mentioned for episode one, it’s always fun to see the characters face hurdles they weren’t expecting and this episode has an array of hurdles to jump. While, like usual, it does foreshadow and build well enough that the conclusion makes sense and doesn’t feel like it comes out of nowhere, it’s still exciting to see how all of these hurdles are going to be conquered.

Not only is Sophie and this new information about her past — and really, how she got started with her more illegal activities — something that is great to see unfold but it’s also wonderful watching Harry go undercover. He really has some fun with this role and while I did enjoy him in season one — loved him in fact! — you can really see him not only blending with the team really well but actually enjoying and missing the work he gets to do with them. While it may not be my favourite case overall, it was really great to see how it all came together in the end.

[Beth Riesgraf as Parker and Noah Wyle as Harry Wilson | Freevee]

Episode three — The Tournament Job — is yet another fantastic episode to kickstart this season with. While they did face many hurdles in episode two, this one has a completely new set. With a case that proves hard to get into and constantly pushes back the team’s progress, it was always interesting to see how they made steps towards completing their goal.

It was wonderful to see Breanna really take a front seat with this one and it felt very real that she faced her own set of problems while doing this job. We’ve seen other characters have to think on their feet as they attempt to solve those problems and it was great to see Breanna do that in her own way too. It was also a delight to see Harry’s inner nerd come out to play as he once again really gets into character for his undercover role. 

Finally, another person who really stood out to me was Elliot. Even in the original series, he always had a soft spot for children and it was always wonderful to see him interact with them. We get more of that with the e-sports team who are all very young while still getting the badass fighter that Eliot can often be.

In the end, all three of these episodes are a joy to watch. They draw us back into the world in simple, compelling ways that it’s easy to hit the ground running. The team dynamics are just as wonderful this time around and in fact, feel even stronger.

Let’s be honest, if you’re at this point in the series then you’re probably already invested. Leverage: Redemption continues to impress and if you’ve enjoyed the ride so far, it seems that you’ll continue to with this new season.


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