[Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison and Beth Riesgraf as Parker | Freevee]

We may only be four episodes in but this is definitely my favouite episode of the season so far. Parker and Hardison have always been such a delightful couple and their dynamic has had me hooked since day one. Even before they were together, they were such a joy to watch, and to have an episode in this new season that has them at the heart of it was so good.

Their little date night was so adorable and it was made even more so by the fact the whole team came together to help. Even Eliot who was a little moody and reluctant played his part. The team has almost always been presented as a family (that’s including the original series) and that was once again shown so clearly in this episode.

And to make things even better, the job the team end up stumbling into was actually interesting. While not the most out there, it fitted in nicely with Hardison and Parker’s date night without drawing too far away from it. Both blended so well that it was able to move seamlessly from adorable, lightheartedness to something a little more high stakes. It helps that while the team switches their focus to the unexpected predicament — a robbery in progress and a missing child — there’s also still a sprinkling of Hardison and Parker’s relationship throughout.

With his absence during most of last season, it was wonderful to touch back in with them as a couple in such detail. Not only did we get to witness what a great team they are but also we got to dive into their worries too. Seeing Parker’s concerns slowly come to light about Hardison and his upcoming trip into space felt very in character and an appropriate step for them. In the end, it felt like they came out stronger than ever, and to make it better, it was part of an episode that was really entertaining from beginning to end.


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