[Header: Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer and Keith David as Billy | Freevee]

Oh, Eliot. In this week’s episode, we dive into his family history and past. Although he tries to sneak off to go and visit his father whom he hasn’t seen or spoken to in a long time, the team just won’t let him. 

In an adorable and hilarious move, Breanna and Parker sneak along to join him on his journey home and as the episode progresses into a job for the team to work on, we see concern across the board for Eliot. Concern that’s majorly shown in the form of Sophie worrying that he may become collateral damage and then at the end of the episode putting her hand lovingly and comfortingly against his chest — over his heart — as she asks him if he’s okay. There’s also Hardison checking in, despite being all the way in space, and reminding Eliot that he’s there for him.

[Beth Riesgraf as Parker, Aleyse Shannon as Breanna Casey, and Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer | Freevee]

I’ve mentioned in past reviews that this team is a family and the moments in which that is shown are some of the best in the show (and that’s including the original run). Their love for each other and their wonderful chemistry make you care more about them not only as a group or as various dynamics but also as individual characters. It makes watching the show all the more interesting because while the jobs they pull off are often intriguing and always fun, even so, it makes for a much better experience when you’re rooting for the characters too. 

As I said, this week is about Eliot as we find out more about his past which is how we’re introduced to Billy (Keith David) and the fact that Eliot is adopted. As the episode progresses we see their strained relationship slowly start to heal as we learn why they fell out in the first place. Their dynamic was an absolute delight. Both their more emotional, talkative scenes but also when the two of them fight together as a team. While I had seen articles floating around with titles that revealed Keith David would play an important role, I never looked much further, wanting to avoid even the slightest possibility of spoilers. Now I’m glad I did that because it was so much fun to have the truth revealed to us, the audience, at the same time it was revealed to the other characters.

Overall, the episode was really great. Beyond this dive into Eliot’s past, we also got some hilarious moments, some cool moments, and a job that was entertaining to watch unfold. We get to see Hardison trying to do a flip in space and getting stuck which honestly felt very appropriate while elsewhere, once again finding Sophie doubting herself and feeling like she screwed up to which Harry really steps up as her number two and keeps her mind focused. There’s even a combination of funny and cool when Breanna makes her own pepper spray and casually walks around explaining how it works as she uses it on the bad guys to help protect Billy.

Generally, so far this season, there has been a good balance between dark and light, funny and sad, but also exploring the characters’ strengths as well as their doubts and fears. As always, Leverage: Redemption is a joy to watch and this episode is no different.


One thought on “Leverage: Redemption Season 2 Episode 6: ‘The Fractured Job’ Review

  1. “The Fractured Job” is my favorite episode in the #Leverage and #LeverageRedemption series! #ChristianKane gave an absolutely poignant performance as #EliotSpencer, who is finally able to talk with his father after 30 years. Kane and #KeithDavid made an impressive, formidable, and truly believable pair! #GinaBellman’s excellent portrayal of #SophieDevereaux, worrying about Eliot becoming collateral damage as she worries about losing her own superpower, adds such depth to the story and demonstrates how much of a family the #Leverage team has become. I love the pairings in this episode: #SophieDevereaux and #HarryWilson; #Parker and #Breanna; #AlecHardison in space and the family back at Earth; and of course #EliotSpencer and his father Billy. I rarely cry at movies or TV shows, but the tears were flowing when I first watched this episode – and every one of the 10+ times I have watched it again and again. The original #Leverage series and this #LeverageRedemption reboot have what all shows should have: intelligent writing, first-rate actors who actually like each other, the perfect balance of drama and comedy, and the issues we are facing in real life being tackled and resolved by this family of #Robinhoodlums. If you watch only ONE show out of the 100+ episodes, please make it #LeverageRedemption season 2, episode 6, “The Fractured Job”. I think you will be surprised at the quality of the show – and may even want to see the other 100+ episodes.


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