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It’s Christmas time in the Leverage: Redemption world! Parker goes all out with the decorations and her Christmas jumper and it’s all very cute and funny to watch, especially when she gives each member their own personalised Santa hat. It was also really good to hear about everyone’s plans and that even though those plans get completely interrupted, the team were happy to be together because it means they get to spend Christmas with family.

A big highlight once again is the undercover elements. Harry and Parker in particular were hilarious. The personas they took on were over the top and I loved watching them really go for it. Breanna and Eliot were also great as well, especially with the latter acting completely clueless, and to top it off, it was once again a delight to see Sophie adapt mid-job but in this case, reveal who she really is to get some inside help. Overall, the entire team really compliment each and brings their many strengths to the table in order to get the job done. 

Now, unfortunately, the job this week is probably my least favourite so far but that by no means makes it a bad episode. It’s still entertaining enough but it just didn’t capture my attention as much as previous episodes. Even so, I still had a fairly great time. The series continues to highlight the heart of the show — the team’s dynamic — and also keeps diving into their lives and this episode is another example of that. 

Without wanting to jinx anything, Leverage: Redemption (like the original series) just continues to be a really wonderful watch. It’s always entertaining and it never feels like time wasted so even if this episode is my least favourite so far this season, it’s still a delight and absolutely worth the watch.


3 thoughts on “Leverage: Redemption Season 2 Episode 7: ‘The Big Rig Job’ Review

  1. Well everyone that has been a trucker or has one in the family loved this episode. The theme was spot on. The Jamies were so funny and so in step with each other. Heartwarming with Sophie and Janice. Eliot hilarious with the neighbor’s dog story. “I played with Skippy a lot.” Loved his facial expressions the voice and stance not to mention his forklift driving skills and loved the leap to the truck. Breanna was great in back of the truck. Parker does loves Christmas. The hats were great especially for us Kaniacs along with Sophies # 7 necklace. What I love about the new show is that every one gets some great moments alone and with each other. As much as I love leverage it focused too much on Nate. I am a Kaniac so I will always want more Christian.

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    1. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the episode!! All of the things you mentioned were definite highlights and you’re right about the mix of solo moments and as well as shared ones.


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