[Header: Noah Wyle as Harry Wilson and Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux | Freevee]

With Leverage making a comeback, I was a little nervous going into it, especially with meeting new characters. However, I ended up really loving both Harry and Breanna from the get-go. It’s been so much fun to see them come into their own as Leverage: Redemption has progressed.

Season one was like a re-introduction to the Leverage world. It showed us what was different about this revival as well also what has carried over from the original but it also got us caught up on what the previous characters have been up to and where they currently are while simultaneously introducing us to both Harry and Breanna. It was done so well, with the two of them fitting in perfectly with the rest of the team, and so far season two has definitely allowed us to dive deeper into all of the characters.

Harry, in particular, is trying to find his place. Once a lawyer for the bad guys, he’s especially putting his all into the team’s work this season and in this episode, he openly admits to being unsure of his path. It has been really nice so far to see Sophie and Harry support each other and this time, it was her turn to support him and we don’t only see it in their talk toward the end of the episode once things are wrapped up but also throughout the episode.

[Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux and Noah Wyle as Harry Wilson | Freevee]

For the job this week, Harry is taking the lead. Not only is he the one to bring it to the rest of the team but it’s his chance to finally run a play and make all of the big decisions. While he does misstep here and there, he manages to successfully pull it off in the end and it was so lovely to see. Sophie’s patience and belief in him was really great and their dynamic has been such a delight to see develop so far.

And on top of the Harry-centric goodness, as he takes yet another step deeper into the team and their world, we get the usual wonderful notes of the Leverage (Redemption) world. There are serious parts that are well blended with humour that has you laughing out loud at most and smiling quietly to yourself at least. There are wild stunts, like the alligator sequence, and plans that have to be adapted mid-job, like when the initial escape plan for Romero doesn’t pan out.

At the end of the day, episode eight was a fantastic watch and with this specific episode, it was lovely to shift the focus to Harry and for it to act as a check-in with his character.  I’ve said it in past reviews but it’s impossible to not have a good time with Leverage: Redemption (and that’s the same for the original series). Even when I’ve not enjoyed an episode as much, I’ve still loved it. The formula is down solid without feeling completely repetitive and, as seen not only in this episode but previous ones too, the characters feel real and important and not like an afterthought to the plot.


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