[Header: Alexandra Park as Astrid Pickford and Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux | Freevee]

Another season of Leverage: Redemption comes to a close and it was a great episode to end on. It starts off where the previous one left off as the team tries to figure out how to get out of the set-up they’ve found themselves in.

So many of the jobs the team pull off eventually draw out parts of their personal lives with some jobs even taking place purely because of a connection to at least one member of the team. This time around is no different. They’re at the museum to initially problem-solve a job gone wrong for another Leverage team and now we’re deep in Sophie’s past.

She was understandably thrown toward the beginning of this episode and during the previous episode, it was clear that this wasn’t going to be a straightforward job for her. Astrid is someone she clearly cares about and we know what she and the rest of the team can be like when someone they care about is involved. On top of that, we’ve seen Sophie question her capabilities throughout the season and also have a lot of doubt. It doesn’t help that even Eliot calls her out on the fact that her team is currently in danger because she gave Arthur a second chance but thank goodness we get a follow-up to this fairly quickly where he clarifies that even though it might be weak spot for people to come at them, it’s a good one to have.

That whole scene with Eliot assuring Sophie was so sweet. There’s sadness there too with him believing he might never be truly deserving of second chances/redemption but even so, it was a wholesome moment and a very much-needed clarification. Knowing this team can be truly honest with each other and state cold hard facts and not let that affect their ability to work is so good and really speaks to not only their work ethic but their connection as a family.

In a lighter and more hilarious turn of events, it was fantastic to see the two of them make their way through the museum by using fake badges and different scenarios to explain what they’re up to and where they’re going. 

[Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer and Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux | Freevee]

Now, the Astrid and Sophie confrontation was everything I could have hoped for. Even with a gun pointed at her, Sophie can’t help but gush over Astrid and her adoration slips through and it was so nice to see. 

The fact that they revealed that Astrid finding Sophie and arresting her was simply a set-up for Arthur was a fantastic thing to watch unfold. One of the best things about shows like this is when we, the audience, are shown a flashback to explain that missing piece that helps slot everything together. It was such a delight to see them all satisfied and even a little smug (deservedly so!) at Arthur being arrested and there was added delight with Astrid believing Sophie because she’s family. I’ve enjoyed the little we’ve got of them and the talk they have once the job is over was so sweet and wonderful. I hope this isn’t the last we see of this pair.

Speaking of, she is very much her (step-)mother’s daughter and we see that not only in her attitude while arresting Arthur but during the flashback when we see her telling Eliot that he needs to tie the ropes around her tighter. His reaction really doubles down on it too. The whole thing was truly hilarious and only adds to me wanting more of Astrid.

Speaking of hilarity, there was still a ton of that in this episode despite the extra personal side to the job. The investigators and whatnot all passing out because of the drugged coffee Breanna gave them was short but hilarious, especially with Parker dancing around with one of the cops before he collapses. It really sums up her personality and Eliot’s too when he tells her to stop playing with them.

Then there was Harry freaking out in the vent which was funny on its own but made more so by Parker taking the opportunity to use it as a distraction for the security guards. They’ve paired up a few times this season and they’re honestly hilarious. It was also really sweet near the end when Parker tells him he’s a criminal now but he’s a good bad guy and the world needs more of them. Like Sophie’s worries and doubts this season, Harry has been on the fence about who he is and what he wants to do, so to see him agree he is part of the team was such a great moment.

[Noah Wyle as Harry Wilson and Beth Riesgraf as Parker | Freevee]

Another treat this season has been watching Breanna do undercover work but it was especially good this time around. With the rest of the team locked inside the museum, she’s almost entirely on her own and only has the team via comms. Her improvisation outside the front of the museum was great but I particularly enjoyed her pretending to be a lawyer with some help from Harry. She was clearly, in part, winging it but she pulled it off so wonderfully.

In addition, the added touch of the international Leverage teams coming to help out this episode was fantastic. Such a small detail but it really helped to sell the plan. The added mention of James Sterling was also a nice little treat and I definitely wouldn’t say no to actually seeing him again.

As always, it’s a little sad when Hardison isn’t around, especially for jobs like this one so it was extra delightful to see him at the end of the episode. It was already ending so well with how the job went down and Sophie and Astrid’s little moment together and Parker talking about Harry being part of the team so Hardison was a cherry on top of an already delicious sundae, making the whole thing even better. In true Haridson fashion, he’s gotten himself into the most ridiculous of circumstances and it felt right to have the team tease him before agreeing to come and help. At the time of writing this review, season 3 hasn’t been confirmed yet, but presuming we get one, I wonder if this is an indicator that we’ll get at least a little more of Hardison next season.

Once again, this was such a good ending to the season. This show continues to entertain and not only show an array of emotions but draw them from the audience too. Again, it’s yet to be renewed as I write this, but fingers crossed we get some good news soon.


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