The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10: “New Best Friends” Review


This week we meet a new community: the Scavengers, which gives more leverage to the fact that the season will most likely end with the war against the Saviors beginning which will most likely lead into next season. Either way, let’s talk about the new community.

twd 7x10 community.png

So far every community we’ve come across seems to be run differently, which makes it more interesting, and makes it easier to remember each community. When the leader of the Scavengers threw Rick into that pit it was something that I wasn’t expecting. Of course, he managed to survive against the armoured Walker, but I like how he used the things around him to trap the Walker and then killed it. At first he seemed to panic (rightfully so) but in the end, he managed to get the task done and prove himself to the Scavengers.

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Bones Season 12 Episode 5: “The Tutor in the Tussle” Review


So this week’s review is going to be short and sweet and talk about three major points. This episode continues the streak of a really good season, and even the case of the week was interesting.

cam saroyan james aubrey bones 12x05.png

The first major point I want to about our Brennan’s books. There are times where I forget about them, but this week’s episode gave the best reminder. It was much more entertaining that she failed in becoming the person to read the audiobook versions. I feel like it made the whole thing even better as opposed to her actually getting the gig. However, the best thing about her books coming up again is finding out that Fisher is a long-time fan of her work and even wrote fanfiction at one point.

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9: “Rock in the Road” Review

The Walking Dead is finally back from its mid-season hiatus and it’s a pretty solid start so far. Apart from the first episode (you can read my review of that here) I would say this season has actually been really good, although there does seem to be a lot of people out there who would disagree. At this point, I still don’t think the show is as good as it once was, however, season 7 has definitely proved itself after a disappointing fifth and sixth season.

Rock in the Road picks up almost straight away from where we left off in episode 8. At first we see Father Gabriel back at Alexandria and its nighttime (remember that it was day time in episode 8) and he’s on a watch post before going into the stock room and taking all the food. He then disappears and we don’t see him again for the rest of the episode. It made a lot of sense that we didn’t really hear much about this story line until the end either, especially considering what Rick and the others come across, and it’s clearly opened up for next week’s story line.


We then move on to Hill Top where the group are inside talking to Gregory. I really appreciate how much they all dislike Gregory I think it would surprise me more if someone actually did like him. Either way, the discussions with him went exactly how you would expect them to, making it all the more pleasurable when Enid asked the group to come outside and it became apparent that some of the people at Hill Top were willing to fight because they have faith in Maggie.

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Bones Season 12 Episode 4: “The Price for the Past” Review


This week’s episode was a personal one for Booth. I appreciate that when they revealed the victim to be Aldo Clemens they took a moment to explain who he was. Upon seeing a picture of him, I did recognise him, but I still would have been a little unsure and most likely would have had to look him up, so it was nice to get that confirmation within the episode, and it didn’t seem too expositional. This was pretty easy for them to avoid because Jessica Warren (the intern of the week) didn’t know who Aldo was.

seely booth bones 12x04.png

Booth’s religion and military background have always been constant factors within the show, so it’s always nice when we get an episode that focuses primarily on at least one of them. This episode was centered around his military background, but his religious beliefs did seep in a little. When we get this close to Booth and his past, it’s inevitable that that’s going to happen.

Finding out that Aldo sacrificed himself to protect someone was heartbreaking, but it opened up the door for a potential story line for this season. With this being the last season it would make sense for the big case/mystery to be personal and/or to affect the entire team. Family is a big theme within Bones, so to have something that would bring them all together and have such an emotional impact seems fitting. So when we find out at the end of this episode that Aldo was protecting Booth, and that someone could still come after him, it only seemed right that this could be the big story line.

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Bones Season 12 Episode 3: “The New Tricks in the Old Dogs” Review


So this episode did feel a little more like a filler episode, but it was still enjoyable, which is one of the things Bones always does well. Every show needs to have filler episodes in which things can continue to move along, but nothing really profound happens. With Bones we do get these, but they’re always interesting and fun to watch.

We start off episode 3, the New Tricks in the Old Dogs, with a dark setting and three kids breaking into some kind of site that has a warning sign for toxic material. My favourite thing about this opening is the fact that the kids dressed up for the occasion, but were only breaking in in order to pull off an experiment. Which I have to admit was pretty cool, well, minus the dead body.


It’s a shame we never saw the kids again, but I did love the conversation between Brennan, Booth, and Aubrey in the car. I really appreciate that Aubrey is very much his own character, he’s pretty unique (really all of the characters are quite unique considering how many of them there are), but with Aubrey he started to come into the show as Sweets was leaving and I really love how they never tried to replace Sweets. Even when Karen Delfs came into the show, it never felt like she was replacing Sweets or trying to take his place.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 13: “A Good Day To Die” Review


Important notice: this review was up and for some reason the body of text disappeared somehow, meaning that (on February 12th) it has been re-written.

So we’ve reached the winter finale of Lucifer. Episode 13, a Good Day to Die, also closes up the 3 episode arc we’ve recently had, but also keeps options open for future episodes.


This week’s episode starts off where the last one ended. We see Lucifer driving Chloe’s car and breaking the speed limits to try and get her to the hospital. Only she manages to convince him that they should go to work and try and find the cure.

Firstly, can we appreciate Ella showing up in her pyjamas because she wanted to get there as soon as they called? I really appreciate her as a character and every time she’s on screen I realise just how much I missed her when she’s not here.

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