The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2: “The Well” Review

This review contains spoilers.

Practically everything about this episode was different to episode 1. That’s not too surprising because a lot of shows, after a tough episode, will have a more lighthearted one. For that reason I wasn’t too surprise, but I do have mixed feelings on it which I will talk about a little bit later in review.


I thought the opening shot was very cool. Seeing Carol being wheeled along, and seeing those two men on horseback. It already started to set the tone of what we might expect to see in the Kingdom. Having it fade to black and then cut back in to sudden chaos with the group being attacked by Walkers worked surprisingly well. It made me feel disorientated because of the sudden change, but then of course that’s how Carol must feel. One minute she’s dozing off on this cart, the next she’s on the floor and there’s chaos going on around her.

Carol’s hallucinations of seeing the Walkers as their human-selves was interesting. I’m wondering if it’s just a fever of some kind, or if it’s that mixed in with the idea that she’s starting to feel regret for all the choices she’s made (in killing real people), so now if she sees the Walkers as living people (even only for a split second) it’ll be harder for her to deal with them. Clearly she’s being reminded that although they are Walkers and they’re dangerous, they were also people once too.

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1: “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” Review


It came as no surprise that the show tried to drag out who had been killed in the season 6 finale as long as they possibly could. Although I believed, after seeing the finale, that they should have revealed who died, I was willing to suck it up and just wait for the premiere. However, this was under the impression that it would be revealed quickly, of course, it wasn’t, and I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t have revealed it sooner. Fans like myself weren’t itching to find out who died during the hiatus, or at least stopped wondering who it might be after a while. When I discovered (through spoilers before I’d seen the episode) who died I was not at all surprised or even impressed in some ways.

If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead I believe there are moments in this episodes that you will really enjoy and appreciate, but be aware, especially if you already have issues with the show, you might find things that really bother you.

Before I get into this I have to say I really appreciated the throwback to Dr Edwin Jenner in season 1 with the episode title. It was a simple way to show how much is changed and to perfectly frame how much the characters, especially Rick, have gone through.



I have also split this review into sections so it’s easier for you to find something specific.


The episode starts with the (seemingly) immediate aftermath consisting of a zoomed in shot of Rick’s face so we still can’t tell who has been Luciled. My biggest problem with this scene is Rick’s “I’ll kill you” comment. Okay, sure, it’s an emotional and horrific time and Rick isn’t one to shy away from challenging anyone who threatens him or his family, but it really was not the time. After seeing what Negan is capable of I think even Rick would know to keep his mouth shut, but sure, I can buy it if I have it. The real problem comes when Negan basically asks him to repeat himself and Rick continues to say “not today, not tomorrow, but I’m gonna kill you.”

Although he was clueless, season 1 Rick was very smart and tactful in very different ways. rick.pngThe show seems to have over the seasons taken him away from that, or at least tried to add to it. They’ve made him more reckless, arguably stronger, and more of a survivor, but in doing so, especially the first one, they’ve been made him kind of stupid. Sure season 1 Rick would have been out of his element here, but he would have known that no matter how much Negan deserves to die, in that situation, you keep your mouth shut, play your cards right, and wait for a more appropriate moment.

I will say, the first interesting moment for me came when Negan dragged Rick into the trailer. I haven’t reached that point in the comics where Negan is introduced, but I was very impressed with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal at the end of the last season. In that scene I remember why I liked him so much.

Although I’m a against dragging out who died, it was a good scene to have before the opening credits, all except for the last shot. What was the point in showing the gory remains of someone’s head if you’re not going to tell us who it is? Now, maybe there’s a clue in there that I missed, but it really doesn’t seem like it. It just felt like another attempt to remind us that there’s a death, but we’re going to have to hold out just a bit longer to find out who.

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American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare Chapter 7 Review

There’s only three episodes left of this season and after watching chapter 7 part of me feels like it’s plenty of time, but another part feels like it isn’t and things will become too rushed. I would say this season has been one of the best when it comes to pacing so I have a lot of faith that it’ll go well.


First of all I have to say I’m so in love with the found footage. I love how varied it is. The way it switches between different types of cameras, and how it can go from being completely calm and still to quick and super shaky. I feel it puts you more in the situation, and it’s a feature I’m glad they added this season.

Another good change/addition are the real ghosts. I wondered how they were going to do it. The real ghosts look much darker, which is very fitting, because the reenactment ghosts look more “TV friendly.” It would be cool to see more of them, and up close too. I’d also like to see more of the reenactment actors who played the ghosts.

In this episode everything seemed to be in threes. Sidney and two crew members were first seen in the opening and they were all killed. Matt, Shelby, and Dominic were together (Dominic trying to get with Shelby, having a secret camera to try and help boost ratings), and Matt ended up dying. Lastly we have Lee, Monet, and Audrey who went through the underground tunnels in search for help after Shelby is attacked. It’s not confirmed if any of them died, but it’s pretty clear that Lee will most likely be the one to. This episode seemed to section them off so that they can have multiple deaths without really giving too much away about who it’s going to be.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5: “Weaponizer” Review

This post contains spoilers.

Every time I think about this week’s episode of Lucifer I realise that the things I would change are nothing compared to all the good things that happened.


From the end of episode 4 and the promo for this episode (if you watched it), it was clear that Chloe was going to be in some kind of danger, and Lucifer was going to do what he needed to to protect her. One thing I’m glad that happened was that yes, Lucifer was protective, he stayed by Chloe’s side for the most part and spent the whole episode trying to figure out how to keep her alive and keep his mum on Earth, but the writer’s never went down the route of “poor defenceless little Chloe”. They’ve always done a good job of creating this strong character and keeping her as such. Although ultimately it was Lucifer who kept her safe (for now) in the end, it was Chloe’s speech that stopped her from being blown away by a shotgun. It could have easily been written in as Lucifer jumping in and saving the day, but instead Chloe saved herself.

Speaking of Chloe and Lucifer, their scenes in this episode felt like the good old days. There were moments in the previous episode too, but this was a really good one. We had them teasing each other, Lucifer showing a vulnerability for her, and just a lot of moments where it’s just the two of them. Despite having scenes with them together this season, the ones in this episode gave off a vibe of familiarity. It only adds to my feelings that something big is going to happen between them this season. Maybe not a relationship or them admitting/discovering their feelings, but perhaps her finding out the truth. With the former, I’m all for slow burning relationships so long as it doesn’t feel like it’s being dragged out.

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American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare Chapter 6 Review

This post contains spoilers.

So this episode was the big one, the change. Everyone seemed to collectively know that something was going to shift, especially after how things ended in the previous episode. I did suspect some of the things that happened, but not all of them.


This episode for me was a little boring to start off with, maybe because it was so different to the previous episodes. It was intriguing, don’t get me wrong. That kept me watching and eventually the episode got better and I started to really enjoy it. I can’t help but wonder if maybe it would have worked better if they took a weeks break?

One change I love is the choice to use found footage. Not all of it will be shaky footage filmed on their phone characters, but either way I’m excited. I think so far they’ve done a good job of not drifting away from the overall tone this season has set so far. For example,  seeing the pig man jump out from the back seat of the car was in keeping with the earlier episodes.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 4: “Lady Parts” Review

This post contains spoilers.

So this week, 90% of the reason why the episode was so good, is down to the ladies. Chloe has understandably been distracted and weighed down by the reveal that Dan wants to get a divorce, so naturally the episode leads towards a ladies night (involving Chloe, Maze, Linda, and Ella). What started off as a bet between Lucifer and Maze to get Chloe out and have some fun, slowly turns into a genuine girl power night. There’s getting drunk, trusting each other with secrets, and literally getting into a fight to defend and support each other.


There are some great lines that come out of those scenes, the best by far being Linda’s “or maybe she’s just a raging bitch” line. Seeing these women defend themselves and each other was a great experience, and a large part of this episode is based around them in some way, either individually, as a group, or in pairs. It was a lot of fun and this episode seems to have paved the way for more female/female relationships to blossom (platonic, but also maybe romantically!)

Of course every upside has its downside and it was upsetting to see Chloe’s reaction to finding out about Lucifer and Maze’s bet. Seeing her doubt herself and the friends she thought she’d made was interesting, and it says a lot about Chloe and how trusting she is. It’s nice that it all worked out in the end, and I can’t wait to see her moving in with Maze. However, I feel like this is only the beginning of some decent character development for all of our ladies.

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