Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6: ‘Take Off Your Pants’ Review

[Header Image: Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Retta as Ruby Hill, Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, and Nicholas Alexander as Darren]

This episode shows yet another change in the dynamic between Beth and Rio. The former is adjusting to the changes in her life. It seems like she’s doing amazingly well at the dealership but Dean isn’t coping too well at home. She’s understandably angered by the fact that he can’t do what she’s been doing for the last decade or so. And that’s not the only thing going on. Once again Rio has delved into some new venture and while he wants to use Beth and the dealership, he doesn’t want to divulge any information. It makes sense from a business stand point but Beth isn’t having any of it.

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 5: ‘Everything Must Go’ Review

[Header Image: Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, Retta as Ruby Hill, and Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland | NBC]

Another week, another episode of Good Girls for me to loose my mind over. This show is genuinely so good and it seems to get better with every week that passes. It’s always so well paced and beautifully structured to the point that waiting every week really is painful.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 17: ‘The Master’ Review

Finally we got to properly see Edgar Evernever. At the very end of last week’s episode we saw him stand up and clap the final performance of the musical along with various members of the Farm. This week, we get a little more. With the Farm having an open house, people are welcome to visit to find out more and even take little interviews with existing members to find out how to join up.

Betty goes to the open house with Veronica but doesn’t really find out much at all, however, she is able to convince Cheryl to go in wearing a wire. It’s during her two visits that we really see Edgar. He’s definitely as charismatic as I thought he would be but it’s also crystal clear that he can’t be trusted. When Betty snoops around, taking the confession tapes of Alice and Polly, and finds out one of the Farms biggest pulls, Edgar agrees to sit down with her.

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 4: ‘Pick Your Poison’ Review

[Header Image: Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, and Retta as Ruby Hill | NBC]

In the aftermath of last week’s episode, we see our three leading ladies primarily dealing with things on their own. It is also revealed that Beth has been sitting on the contents of the storage locker (fake money) for a few weeks before she actually tells Annie and Ruby about it. When she does, they all try to go their separate ways but each of them discovers that shops are aware of their rapid refunding and they can no longer clean the cash that way which makes sense, things had to change up eventually in order to keep it all interesting and new.

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Gotham Season 5 Episode 10: ‘I Am Bane’ Review

[Header Image: Shane West as Eduardo Dorrance/Bane | Fox]

This episode of Gotham finally introduces us to Bane and gives us Walker’s true motives and real identity. The last we saw of Eduardo, he had been found by Walker and was being treated by Hugo Strange. With his mask on, we got a very small glimpse into Bane but it wasn’t until now that we finally saw him in action.

Things are finally looking up for Gotham which is exactly why it’s no surprise that things went downhill so quickly. The river is now safe and a call is made for the bridges to be rebuilt, allowing for the island to be reunited with the mainland. Not only that, but Jim got some extra good news when he finds out that Barbara has gone into labour but it’s all interrupted when Bane shows up.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 16: ‘Big Fun’ Review

I feel like I’m the only person who wasn’t completely blown away by this musical episode but that’s not to say there weren’t good moments because there were. Some fantastic ones even. Like the previous musical episode, they jump into things fairly quickly and they both serve as fun episodes to watch.

I actually don’t know too much about Heathers: the Musical so I can’t really speak to how Riverdale‘s used it but I will say that the music we heard was catchy and fitted in really well with every scene. It never really felt like it was overused or that they were just trying shoehorn in songs where they didn’t need to be. Similarly to the previous musical episode, everyone was great at singing. We had some new voices this time around too but every single person was a genuine pleasure to listen to.

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