A 5-star rating system is used.

  • 5 = perfect (or occasionally a personal favourite).
  • 4.5 = fantastic but not quite there (something very minute and/or insignificant was missing).
  • 4 = amazing but something big was missing.
  • 3.5 = good, some flaws but I would highly recommend it.
  • 3 = it was okay and I might still recommend it.
  • 2.5 = I mean, it’s not awful, I’m just not 100% if I liked it.
  • 2 =  bad, maybe one or two good thing (if you squint).
  • 1.5 = terrible, it passed some time but what a waste.
  • 1 = awful, I might have even stopped paying attention at certain points.
  • 0.5 = I didn’t even finish the movie.

When rating movies I tend to take the following things into consideration: overall entertainment, plot, pacing/structure, conclusion, character/acting, cinematography/visuals, editing, sound, and production/set/costume. I give these 9 things a score out of 10 and then work out the average to give a rating out of 5.

I only use the above method as a rough guide to deciding which rating I want to give a movie. I don’t always go with the final result. This is mostly because I’m still testing it out.