For books and movies, a 5-star rating system is used.

For Movies:

★★★★★ | Perfect (or as close as humanly possible, hello, new obsession.).

★★★★½ | Fantastic (minor flaws potentially worth mentioning, a favourite).

★★★★ | Amazing (something significantly big was missing, but still a favourite).

★★★½ | Good (some things could have been better, would rewatch).

★★★ | Okay (glad I watched it, would recommend and rewatch, but I’m in no rush).

★★½ | Meh (don’t feel strongly either way, I might recommend it to someone depending on the person).

★★ | Bad (maybe a couple of good things about it that don’t make me regret watching it and/or made the experience fun).

★½ |Terrible (one redeemable thing (if you squint) but not enough to make me happy I’d seen it).

★ | Awful (I watched the entire thing but hated every second of it).

½  | I didn’t finish the movie.

For Books:

★★★★★ | Perfect. (new obsession).

★★★★ | Good/Amazing. (something significantly big was missing, but I still enjoyed it).

★★★ |Okay. (I don’t feel strongly about it either way).

★★ | Bad. (There might be one or two good things about it).

★ | Awful (I read it all but I wish I hadn’t).