Lucifer Season 2 Episode 13: “A Good Day To Die” Review


Important notice: this review was up and for some reason the body of text disappeared somehow, meaning that (on February 12th) it has been re-written.

So we’ve reached the winter finale of Lucifer. Episode 13, a Good Day to Die, also closes up the 3 episode arc we’ve recently had, but also keeps options open for future episodes.


This week’s episode starts off where the last one ended. We see Lucifer driving Chloe’s car and breaking the speed limits to try and get her to the hospital. Only she manages to convince him that they should go to work and try and find the cure.

Firstly, can we appreciate Ella showing up in her pyjamas because she wanted to get there as soon as they called? I really appreciate her as a character and every time she’s on screen I realise just how much I missed her when she’s not here.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 12: “Love Handles” Review


One thing Lucifer does really well is that it moves stories along pretty well. Of course some things have to be long term, like Chloe making Lucifer vulnerable or getting back to Heaven, but other story lines don’t have to be drawn out too far. One example from this episode is the poison. We saw a glimpse of it at the end of episode 11 (I originally thought that it was something more divine), and we were given all the answers we needed in episode 12. They wasted no time in continuing on that cliffhanger and creating answers, because it wasn’t necessarily part of the bigger picture. However it did lend a helping hand towards the bigger picture/overall story.


The poison presented a case in which Lucifer and Chloe were able to navigate what they meant to each other, and then we’re also presented with a new cliffhanger in the shape of Chloe’s nose bleeding at the end of the episode. This will drag the poison story line out to a third episode, but it’s most likely going to be in a minor sense as now we have Lucifer knowing that Chloe was put in his path as well as the search for a cure which will no doubt take place.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 10: “Quid Pro Ho” Review


We’ve reached the mid-season finale of Lucifer. I’m partially excited by this because it’s a reminder that this is a longer season, but at the same time I don’t want to wait till January to see another episode. To be more exact episode 11 will air on January 16th in the U.S. and will become available on Amazon Prime the next day for pretty much everywhere else. The wait isn’t too long, and hopefully we’ll get some more promo material between now and then.

luciifer 2x11.png

This weeks episode connects back to episode 7 in which Chloe was looking for her dad’s killer. Now we’ve reached the trial and of course things don’t go smooth sailing. Charlotte comes into the mix to represent Perry Smith and to prove to Lucifer that Chloe would easily turn against him in the hopes of getting Lucifer to return to Heaven with her and Amenadiel. In some ways this does go to plan, but for the most part it only serves to prove how close Chloe and Lucifer really are, and how much they mean to each other.

We get to see moments where Chloe compliments Lucifer without really being prompted. She even jokes about him having run Hell and being good at punishing bad guys. She’s joked about it before, but it’s always been in a strict “I don’t really believe you” kind of way, sometimes it even comes across like she’s laughing at him, but now this time we get to see that although she doesn’t believe he’s really ran Hell, she’s willing to joke about it. It clearly shows that she’s accepting all sides to Lucifer, and hopefully this is leading up to the fact that she will continue to accept him once she finds out he’s the Devil (although it might take her some time, just like it did with Linda).

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 9: “Homewrecker” Review

Lucifer really is just the gift that keeps on giving. This weeks episode was just something else. You can definitely see them building gradually but surely to specific goals, and each week I get more and more excited to see those goals.


The first one I’m going to talk about is mum’s mission to get back to Heaven. I really can’t decide whether they’re going to reveal her as being a big bad the whole time, just waiting for the right opportunity, or if they’re going to have her turn into the big bad. I could see it happening both ways. I’ve never trusted her so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s always had some ulterior motive, however, with the obstacles she’s faced so far and the things she’s had to do, I can see power getting to her head and changing her. I mean, we’ve seen that she’s not afraid to kill humans, and she even tries to go after Chloe, so there’s really nothing holding her back, I don’t even think her sons could stop her. So far she seems to have not hurt them because she knows she can keep them on her side, although you can argue that she is trying to hurt Lucifer by going after Chloe.

Either way it’s building to some kind of big confrontation with her, and everything seems to fit with that. Lucifer is starting not to trust her again, but he’s already had that moment of weakness by letting her stick around and he’s already had to kill his own brother, so I can imagine that that inevitable confrontation, if she becomes a big bad, is going to be hard for Lucifer. It’ll be a big change for his character.

Amenadiel will most likely have to go through a similar thing. He spent his whole life, like Lucifer, fearing their mother and wanting to keep her in Hell, but now he’s relying on her. He’s still adjusting to the idea of being a fallen angel, and she’s one of the few people he has to lean on. I can see this building to a confrontation between him and Lucifer, but based on this weeks episode and next week’s promo, I don’t see any sibling rivalry lasting. They always seem to team up when they know its for the greater good, we just have to hope that none of their worries gets in the way. It won’t be  easy to go up against their own mum, so it’s definitely going to be a explosive confrontation no matter what.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 8: “Trip to Stabby Town” Review

Every week I grow confident that they’re building to an eventual Lucifer/Chloe relationship as well as revealing the mother as a big bad.


Let’s talk about her first for a second. This week we got to see Charlotte trying out her job. You push past the fact that she learnt everything over a weekend by reading some Law books, because well, she’s a Goddess so I guess anything is possible. Plus, we don’t actually know how good she is at her job. I’m hoping for an episode where we get to see her trying to be lawyer. I feel like it would serve to be an amusing episode.

Of course though the last thing on Charlotte’s mind is her job. Although I didn’t originally suspect her to be the one that let Azrael’s Blade loose in the human world, I wasn’t surprised either. Clearly she hasn’t found a connection with humans like Lucifer (and others) have so it only makes sense that she doesn’t mind sacrificing a few to get what she wants.  The question now is, how far will she go? If you’ve seen the promo you know she’s going to try and convince Lucifer to go back to Heaven with her and Amenadiel, and part of her plan includes Chloe. We already know Charlottte doesn’t care that much about humans, so she’ll probably have no issue with going after Chloe and doing whatever is necessary. I get the feeling that they won’t reveal Charlotte as being a bad guy all along, but more as slowly turning into one.

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