Lucifer Season 2 Episode 18: ‘The Good The Bad and The Crispy’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

We start this finale with Charlotte stapling her stomach which was so badass, especially when she follows it up by dragging the body out of view and then making a phone call, all without putting up too much of a fuss.

Throughout the episode, we see the acts of a desperate woman. She becomes a little more dangerous as the episode goes on. We see her attack her own sons and hurt Linda so bad that she might not make it (but luckily she does!). This was overall a very good Charlotte episode and I’m very happy with the scenes she was given.

lucifer 2x18 lucifer morningstar

We see Lucifer and Amenadiel at odds during the episode, but they do spend a lot of time on their own paths.

With Amenadiel we have him trying to decide what to do with the sword. Although there are doubts (from Lucifer) that entrusting the final piece to Amenadiel might just be another trick, the latter still decides not to use it and to not allow the plan to put Charlotte in Heaven with God to go ahead. During the episode we see him try out Dan’s improv class which was really hilarious and I really hope we get to see him navigate the human world a little more in season 4. Along with this, I love his relationship with Dan and I want that to continue on too. I thought it was fantastic that he hid the final piece of the sword in Dan’s pocket because he knew it would be safe there.

Lucifer, on the other hand, spends the episode trying to figure out what to do with Charlotte after the things she gets up to during the episode. By the end, his goal is to stop her before she hurts Chloe. His offer to let her rule Hell clearly didn’t go over well, but it is clear that Lucifer is really trying his best. Throughout the episode, he tries to make amends with Maze, he tries to look out for Linda (mostly by visiting her at the end, there’s even a point after Charlotte throws him into his piano that he considers going straight to check on Linda), and he does everything he can (even beg Amenadiel to give him the final piece) in order to save Chloe.

Which brings us on to that ending. It’s a shame that Amenadiel didn’t get to say goodbye to Charlotte (similarly to how he never got the chance to meet God Johnson). This show is about Lucifer, but it’s not hard to see why Amenadiel feels like he’s not valued as much.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 17: ‘Sympathy for the Goddess’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

This episode we start with Lucifer watching Charlotte who is trying to make a deal with one of her clients to find the missing piece for the sword. It’s such a typical and funny opening for a Lucifer episode especially when it seems like Charlotte’s client has ran off with the money and won’t actually return with the missing the piece.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 18.55.16

Moving on, we find out that Linda is in trouble for having helped Lucifer escape the asylum in the last episode. Maze’s determination to help her friend is evident throughout and incredibly admirable. We see her try to deal with it in both a very human way (by actually talking in a reasonable manner) and through a very demon way (through physical and verbal threats). Lucifer doesn’t help too much in her journey to set things right for Linda, but having seen all the episodes at the point of writing this, it’s clear this is yet another step in Lucifer’s journey/character arc as he comes to some very profound conclusions in the finale.

We actually get to see Maze and Lucifer come head to head in a battle.  It’s a miracle people in the street didn’t seem to stop and take notice, but for a show like Lucifer I’m willing to let such things slide. After getting some of their emotions out in such a physical way, they finally talk a little and Maze continues to be angry at Lucifer. It takes for them both speaking to Linda for Lucifer to realise what he’s done wrong. He does seem genuinely sorry and it’s been clear for a long time now how much he cares about Maze, but Lucifer’s problem is he’s not always aware and fails at showing just how much he cares sometimes.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 16: ‘God Johnson’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

So we start the episode with Lucifer on a gurney and talking about how he’s not the Devil and he made it all up. It’s no surprise that it then switches to a different scene (Linda’s office) and the words “36 Hours Earlier…” appear on screen but you spend that initial opening thinking (or maybe saying out loud) “what is happening?” Now we’ve seen Lucifer as the Devil so really there’s no way he’s right in saying he’s not and it’s all made up, but it’s such a bizarre situation to be in. Even if you know from the synopsis that this episode takes place in an insane asylum, it still supplies no real explanation to what is going on. At this point, it just adds to the absurdity of the show, which I think is one of it’s best qualities.


lucifer 2x16 lucifer morningstar linda martin
‘Lucifer’ [Credit: Fox]

In this therapy sessions we see Lucifer once again seemingly be able to read the room, but either completely misses the point or decides there’s nothing he can or should do. He simply gives Linda a look which suggests he knows something is off and then automatically gets up to leave. Either way, the conversation between the two of them is interesting and it’s nice to get a human’s view on Lucifer’s plan to lock Charlotte and God in Heaven together.

Linda: God and His ex having a fight to the death? Sounds kind of bad for, you know, humanity.

Lucifer: Oh, you’ll probably be fine.

Linda: Probably? That’s not exactly reassuring.

I love Linda and her reactions to all things divine. It’s finally nice to have a human’s opinion on everything that happens. This episode also serves as one of the best when it comes to Linda interacting with and reacting to anything divine.

In this conversation, we find out that Maze doesn’t know anything about the plan to go to Heaven or to lock Charlotte in with God, but that’s really not surprising when you think about it. We would have seen it if she had found out, or at least heard about it. It doesn’t seem like the kind of mistake the writers would have made to completely forget to let the audience know that Maze is in on it (unless it’s something they deliberately have to keep us out of the loop for), so Maze not knowing at this point is not an issue, although it does come up later in the episode.

Speaking of Maze, I love that she’s latched on to Chloe. That first scene of Chloe trying to sneak down the stairs and peering around the corner really did make me laugh. Maze was really adorable when she tried to cook Chloe breakfast but burnt the toast instead. You have to applaud her, she never gives up. The second she realises that she’s not good at “the whole boring domestic thing” she doesn’t dwell on it and decides to focus on a different aspect of their friendship: the social aspect. There are other times where her determination shines through and they’re all equally funny, admirable, and slightly awkward. We also see Chloe’s attempt at trying to get a point across and ultimately failing, but not realising she’s failed.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 15: ‘Deceptive Little Parasite’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

This week’s episode of Lucifer focuses a lot more on the journey to get back to Heaven. From episode 14 we know that Lucifer doesn’t trust what Charlotte is selling and this week we find out that he wants to put her back in Heaven and shut the gates, leaving her and God to most likely destroy each other.


lucifer 2x15 amenadiel lucifer morningstar.png
‘Lucifer’ [Credit: Fox]

Thankfully this week they cut to the chase and simply had Lucifer break down the nearest wall and retrieve Azrael’s Blade which we now know is also the Flaming Sword. The could have very easily have spent the whole episode looking for it, but instead, By spending most of the episode focusing on how to get it work it meant the other things going on in the episode were able to connect, allowing the entire episode to really be about Lucifer, Azrael’s Blade, and the plan to get back to Heaven.

The case of the week had Lucifer constantly trying to figure out his emotions and how to control them so he could get the blade to work. Also through that, he was able to spend time with Trixie and be close to Chloe. Considering the blade did ignite at the end but didn’t stay lit, perhaps continuing to stay close to Chloe (and perhaps getting even closer) could be the thing that ignites the blade and keeps it so. His sessions with Linda were focused around the same issue.

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 14: ‘Candy Morningstar’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

We’re finally back with a new episode of Lucifer after the hiatus! If you didn’t hear, this season will now only have 18 episodes so we’re pretty close to the end. (The four that were cut will serve as the first 4 episodes of season 3). Everyone involved seems happy with the decision so it’ll be interesting to see how this season ends.

lucifer 2x14 lucifer morningstar chloe decker

Early on in the episode, we find out that two weeks have passed in the episode and Lucifer has been gone the entire time. We see that Chloe and Dan are seemingly back to being partners now that she hasn’t got Lucifer, but the more interesting part about this scene is that Amenadiel is watching over Chloe. It wasn’t a surprise, but just a lovely addition to have him still watching over her. When I saw that I thought back to everything he did to help keep her alive and how he spoke to Trixie. Although he said he did it because Lucifer asked him to, I wonder if he also did it partly because he also cares about Chloe and for Trixie.

When Lucifer did finally show up I was curious to see how Chloe would react, and I really loved how it went down. I appreciate that she was seemingly in shock that he just showed up out of the blue and was concerned for him more than anything, that she was afraid something might have happened to him and was relieved to see that he was okay, but how all of that was followed by her getting angry and lashing out because he was acting like nothing had happened and because she was genuinely hurt by him leaving like that.

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