Finding Dory (2016) | Movie Review

I’m a huge lover of Pixar animated movies and this one was no different. When I first heard that Finding Dory was going to be a thing I was on-board before I even knew what the story was going to be.

For those of you who aren’t aware the story has two components that come together. The first follows Dory as she searches to find her parents, the second follows Nemo and Marlin as they search for Dory. A similar concept to Finding Nemo, right? I know that put a lot of people off, but I have to say, don’t let it.

Finding Dory is funny, but also very emotional in places. It’s got a lot of adventure, and it had me laughing so much. Admittedly going in I was a little unsure, but as the movie progressed I found myself hooked and so glad that this movie is a thing. Although on the surface it seems to be quite similar to Finding Nemo it’s a completely new story that manages to hold out on its own. It definitely helps to have seen Finding Nemo, but Finding Dory is just as good and equally as lovable.

If you love the characters of Finding Nemo, you’ll love this. It’s got old ones and new ones. The new ones are varying, not only in type of sea life, but also their personality. You thought you had trouble picking a favourite character in Finding Nemo (I know I did), well expect to have even more difficulty now. If you love Pixar, this particular movie won’t disappoint. Whether you think it’s a masterpiece or not, it definitely deserves to be watched at least once.

It’s a new favourite for me, and I will certainly be re-watching again the future.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½

Spoiler below the cut.

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