Prison Break Season 5 Episode 9: ‘Behind The Eyes’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

We start of the finale 6 minutes (in canon) before the events at the end of the previous episode. Here we see that Jacob has Sarah tied up downstairs and that he is aware that Michael is coming because he planted the map. Of course, we know most of this already, the real kicker comes when we find out that Van Gogh has entered the room upstairs. Here we see that he really doesn’t want to do this anymore, that this isn’t what they signed on for. I was honestly shocked when A&W shot him. It’s really sad when the only reason they’re doing it is because they believe Michael killed someone they care about, when in fact it was Jacob who did it.

When we see Sara running after Mike and Jacob it really warmed my heart (and broke it a little) especially when Michael had to pull her back and calm her down. This brings us into one detour of having to take Lincoln to the hospital after being shot. With this being the last episode, possibly forever, they really did try to pack in as much action/drama as they could and it honestly worked.

After this we get a team up with Michael, Sara, T-Bag, and Whip. While they’re making plans Jacob uses his charm, and his relationship with Mike, to convince him that Michael is the enemy and wants to hurt them. It was a really sad moment when he shouted at Michael over the phone, but it spurred the group on to finish their revenge against Jacob and end things once and for all.

First, we see Michael break into Jacob’s secret office. At this point we don’t know what exactly what he’s up too, but he threatens Jacob and forces a meet. Elsewhere, we have Sara at the hospital. On her way out she goes to speak to Van Gogh. It actually broke my heart a little when he asked her to just let him die. I appreciate that he turned over to the good side in the end because as we’ve discovered. he wasn’t going after Michael because he was evil, but because he was trying to avenge someone he cared about. He was also one of Jacob’s victims.

The best scenes, however, came from T-Bag and Whip. We see them show up at a motel and T-Bag is trying to set a good example. Explaining that killing is wrong and the only reason he would do it in this situation is because it’s for the greater good. Besides this father-son time, we finally get some answers about the Elvis impersonator! Naturally, he was a former inmate who Michael helped out and owed him a favour.

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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 8: ‘ Progeny’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

This episode we pick up with Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, and Whip who are all floating on a lifeboat somewhere in the Medeteranian. I appreciate that the show didn’t spend too much time on how they deal with that situation. Instead, we just see that a passing boat notices them and they’re rescued.

Through this episode, we get a lot of flashbacks to Michael’s time working with Jacob. It’s interesting to see. Jacob is a very charismatic which kind of draws you to him. He might be the bad guy, but there’s something very intriguing about him. The more interesting thing is when you see him interact with Michael because you know that Michael is much smarter and, because this is Prison Break, is most likely several steps ahead.

We also get more insight into Jacob’s other life, the one he’s been hiding from Sara. We see his secret room and all the power he has. It was very nice to experience the Poseidon side of Jacob, even though we knew it was him, for a while, it did feel like two separate people and now we get to see them merge completely.

Throughout, we see a chase between Jacob and Michael. One component is Mike’s map. It’s a shame that the one Michael saw was fake, but it’s clear that Michael wasn’t only impressed with the art, but how it was a map, something we know Mike is capable of (plus, he really is a pretty good artist). He really is like his father, and we’ve seen in the past that he’s much like Sara too.

Besides the map, we also have Michael knowing that the texts aren’t from Sara, as well as moments like when Michael leaves his phone on the plan for Van Gogh and A&W to follow (I also love that shot of Sucre leaving the plane with a smile on his face!). It’s a constant back and forth so that we, the audience, are never fully sure who is in the lead.

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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 7: ‘Wine Dark Sea’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

Whip taking care of Michael and trying to reassure him was so great to see. I really do love their relationship. You can tell that they do genuinely care about each other and have developed a very real (and very strong) relationship through their time working together.

It’s interesting to see tensions rise because this scene shows how they all care about Michael and what happens to him. Lincoln wants his brother to get help but he also doesn’t want Michael to be arrested, Whip doesn’t care about Michael being arrested so long as he lives, and while they butt heads over the decision you see that Ja was about to go over and check on Michael, to make sure he’s okay.

Even though we know he’s the villain, I did appreciate the little moment between Jacob and Sara. It was nice to see her laugh.

Especially considering we then move on to her receiving a phone call from Lincoln, confirming that it really is their Michael and he’s out but needs her help. The fact that she was just willing to hop on a plane and go to save his life was fantastic. The way she didn’t even think twice. Of course, that means that one moment of happiness is going to be turned upside down, even just a little.

If this season had been any longer I would be really sad about Ja choosing to stay behind, however, because it is so short I was just happy to see him happy. From the moment they arrive, it was clear that he loved it there and it was nice to know that he got some kind of happy ending. His goodbye with Whip was also really wonderful to see. It’s clearly showcased throughout the season how close they characters became while in prison. Even though we’ve seen them fight, they always come together in the end.

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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 6: ‘Phaeacia’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

This week we continue the journey of Michael, Lincoln, Whip, and Ja trying to escape. It was no surprise that their first plan didn’t go the way they hoped considering they never do in this show. The second they tried to team up with Omar you just knew that things were going to go wrong.

However, they did manage to pull the situation around surprisingly well. It was pleasant to once again see Whip take action. Since he killed Ramal I’ve been wanting to see him do more. We got a surprising amount of focus on both him and Ja this episode, which was nice. They’re both interesting characters that bring something different to the table. With Ja’s over the top performance of Queen as a distraction in the last episode, he’s definitely bumped up on the list of how much I like him.

We get to see Whip use his skills again at the gas station. The moment where he couldn’t understand why someone would carry a gun with only one bullet, and later Lincoln voices the same thing, was a nice little addition, especially when we get to see him use that one bullet to take out multiple people.

Similarly, with Ja we get to see him contribute a little when he notices the birds and the fact that they hang around water. It was also heartwarming to see him with the kids when they reach Phaeacia. The way that one kid held his hand when he got out of the car and how he spent time setting up the fireworks with them was really lovely. It was just nice to see him smiling and we can also assume that he hasn’t taken any more drugs at this point, so it was even better to see him look so carefree and at ease without being high.

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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 5: ‘Contingency’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

So this episode we start off with T-Bag showing Sara what he’s found out. Admittedly, I felt a little let down with the lack of T-Bag for the rest of this episode. In this scene, we see that he’s still injured and he does seem genuinely sorry for Sara. It would have been really interesting to see where that went and to have him help her out. Although I am glad that Sara had help and wasn’t completely alone in trying to figure out just how involved Jacob was, I find myself wondering where T-Bag is and if he’s okay.

I love that with Sara’s storyline they made us, the audience, question whether or not Jacob really was someone to fear. His story at the end about setting up A&W and Van Gogh is plausible, but at this point in the season, it seems very unlikely that anyone else would be Poseidon. With a reveal like this, I doubt they’ll turn around and say “actually, no, Jacob isn’t Poseidon,” but this is Prison Break, so I guess anything could happen. From the look on Sara’s face when they hug it seems like she doesn’t really believe his story either, at the very least she’s suspicious that there’s still something not quite right.

Sara is one of my favourite characters from the series and it really does feel like she hasn’t had enough screen time so far this season, so hopefully, with this new found information and doubt in Jacob, it will give her more to do and bring her more screen time. We haven’t seen Sucre for a while either, so giving her more to deal with could require her to get people like Sucre and T-Bag onboard to help her with finding answers and also keeping Mike safe.

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