Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3: ‘The Liar’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

It’s always interesting to slowly discover the purposes of Michael’s tattoos. During the original run of Prison Break his tattoos were a map to help them escape. This time it doesn’t seem to be a literal map, but instead bits and pieces that will aid their eventual escape. This is shown through him copying what one of his tattoos said and passing it on to the children waiting outside. It’ll be interesting to see what all the other tattoos mean and how they play a role in his overall plans.

One thing I loved about this scene as well was how the children outside refer to Michael as “Bubblegum Man” and later refer to Lincoln as “Tic Tac Man.”


prison break 5x03 sara
‘Prison Break’ [Credit: Fox]
 All throughout this episode, Michael struggles to keep his plans in place and the appropriate people on side, but he does manage to keep it going. It’s only when we get closer to the end that things really start to mess up. Firstly, we see Whip doubting Michael’s plans and he then continues on (throughout the episode) to question whether or not Michael will leave him and their other cell mates behind.

Out of all the relationships that Michael has formed, it seems like his one with Whip is the most genuine. He’s constantly reassuring Whip that he won’t leave him and he does take some pretty big risks to prove it. Although it can be hard to tell with Michael. Planting the watch in Ramal’s cell was partly to prove his loyalty to Whip, but also because he had already begun to change his mind on breaking Ramal out. The main things that make me side with Michael genuinely caring (and not planning to leave Whip and co behind) is that he’s never really seemed to be that heartless before, he attempted to stop them from trying to kill Sid, and although his message at the end was for Sara, he showed in that moment that he still cared about something and wasn’t completely heartless.

Either way, Whip and Michael’s relationship gives us a lot of information. It’s further talked about that they knew each other before prison and we now find out that they were doing work for the CIA. Well, according to Whip they were. We know that Michael recruited him, and Michael mentions in the episode that he was supposed to get Ramal out but things changed so now he’s refusing to do so. From the way Michael looks when Whip reveals that they’re CIA, I’m wondering if there’s something he’s not saying. I don’t doubt that there is genuine involvement with the CIA and that he did in fact recruit Whip, but I’m wondering now if maybe Michael went rogue at some point. It would most likely be while they’re in prison, especially for him to have changed his mind about breaking Ramal out, something he mentioned the government wanted. We know that someone named Poseidon is involved with the change. The most likely answer is that Poseidon is someone working against the CIA, but all these changes in place would Michael still have the CIA on his side or would he had to have gone off on his own?

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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 2: ‘Kaniel Outis’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

This episode provides more direct focus on Michael. Although we don’t know exactly what’s going on with him and why he’s in this position, we do know now that he is already intending to break out of prison and his intention to do so has been there for a while now.

prison break 5x02 michael scofield.png

Michael’s plans having hiccups and not going the way they should have was interesting because it meant we got to see a lot of Michael’s quick thinking and fast action. It’s mentioned in this episode, and has been before too, that he is incredibly smart so to see him put that into play is always wonderful to see.

I like the people in his cell that he’s working with. They all clearly have qualities that can benefit Michael, his escape, and whatever his overall plan is. Of course, it’s brought to our attention by Jacob that Michael could be pretending to be everyone’s friend in order to get his desired result, and he will be a person’s friend up until they’re no longer useful. Also by loving and getting close to a person, it’s easy to make them go against their better judgment. I personally don’t think this was the case for Michael when it came to people like Sara and Sucre and the others. Perhaps it started that way but when he came to love them and be close to them, that was genuine, something he probably didn’t expect. However, it could be what’s happening now. There’s clearly something bigger at play that we obviously don’t know what just yet, so perhaps Michael is being two faced and using these people. It all comes down to what his end goal is and why.

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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1: ‘Ogygia’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

Prison Break is finally back on our screens and despite only seeing one episode so far, it’s been a pleasure. I see so many people talking about how over top and a little stupid Prison Break is and honestly, I sort of agree, but the difference is I don’t think it’s a bad thing. The show was definitely at its best back in season 1, but the in its revival the show is just as entertaining and gripping as it has always been.

prison break 5x01.png
‘Prison Break’ [Credit: Fox]
I loved the opening voiceover from Michael explaining that he had died 7 years ago. The good things about this opening was that it established exactly how long it had been and it showed us Michael in the prison, taking the photo that T-Bag later receives.

I appreciate that we slowly get reintroduced to all of the characters again. The fact that the first was T-Bag was amusing to me. He is, of course, the creepiest of the lot and the one thing I always remember about him is that whenever things seem to be going right for him it suddenly goes very wrong. It’ll be interesting to see if the same thing happens to him during this season. He’s an interesting character and I really do love to watch his scenes, so I’m happy enough that he’s back.

I’m also curious as to why it was him that received the picture of Michael. From the opening we can assume that Michael sent it to him, but why? Prison Break is pretty good at mysteries so I’ll be interested to see where this one goes. As well as that, I want to know who helped T-Bag get his new hand, which by the way, is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see him use it more in the future.

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