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Bones Season 12 Episode 8: ‘The Grief and the Girl’ Review

This post contains SPOILERS.

After the end of last week’s episode it was unsurprising that this one would feel a little heavy. That opening shot with the fridge was 1) a pretty cool way of starting the episode, and 2) threw us into everything in a very simple way. The fact that we got more clarification on that opening through a conversation between Booth and Brennan made it seem so natural and provided us with the information we needed without it being to expositional.

Right from the start, a tone is set. Booth and Brennan aren’t strangers to fights or being distant from each other, it’s one of the things that makes their relationship so great to watch – they’re not perfect. However, it is always unsettling, so to see Brennan avoiding Booth and not wanting to talk it him, just added to the overall feeling of sadness that the episode gave off.

This continues on throughout the episode, but it was nice to see at the end that it was nothing personal, that in fact, Brennan was worried about Booth’s feelings. It was nice to see them have that much-needed conversation and for them to be by each other’s side again in time for the funeral.

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Bones Season 12 Episode 7: ‘The Scare in the Score’ Review


This week’s episode went from funny to sad in no time at all, although it did feel like a gradual (and natural) progression. We had the hilarious opening in which a woman is running away, and at first you think it’s another person, but it turns out it’s just a raccoon that’s chasing her. It was a funny, light-hearted way to open up the episode.

We have a serious and touching moment when Brennan shows concern for Max and talks about how they might not have long together, so she wants to be as involved in his life as possible. Especially when it’s to do with things like his health. Despite the seriousness of it all we do move on to the lab in which we see the others teasing Cam (well mostly Hodgins, and a little from Arastoo). This scene genuinely made me laugh out loud. Every time I see them being anything remotely like a family it makes me very happy.

We even get an adorable scene between Arastoo and Cam in which we see him making her smile/laugh and just in general we get to see them be the adorable couple they are.

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Bones Season 12 Episode 6: ‘The Flaw in the Saw’ Review


Before we get into this review I do have to say that it was nice to see Brandon Soo Hoo at the start, even if it wasn’t for very long. He’s most recently been in the TV series From Dusk Till Dawn which I highly recommend you check out! Anyway, on with the review.

This week’s episode was one of the more lighthearted ones, but if you saw the preview for the next episode then you know that this is the calm before the storm.

  • Christine angrily going to her room, throwing her bike helmet away and Booth catching it was a great scene. I love any moments between the Brennan/Booth family and this one was simple but great.
  • The case of the week was pretty different and the whole atmosphere just felt very Bones like. It wasn’t too serious and there was a lot of humour planted throughout the investigation, but also just the episode in general.
  • Rodolfo Fuentes is the intern of the week and that bit where he was in the container of body parts (and goodness knows what else) was disgusting but also really funny. The fact that Hodgins was hiding the skull so that Rodolfo would have to keep searching, was a little cruel but again, reminded me of the old Hodgins. Also, it was hilarious that Cam let him continue on for another five minutes.
  • Brennan and Booth going to check out the competition, and Booth being really into it.

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Bones Season 12 Episode 5: “The Tutor in the Tussle” Review


So this week’s review is going to be short and sweet and talk about three major points. This episode continues the streak of a really good season, and even the case of the week was interesting.

The first major point I want to about our Brennan’s books. There are times where I forget about them, but this week’s episode gave the best reminder. It was much more entertaining that she failed in becoming the person to read the audiobook versions. I feel like it made the whole thing even better as opposed to her actually getting the gig. However, the best thing about her books coming up again is finding out that Fisher is a long-time fan of her work and even wrote fanfiction at one point.

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Bones Season 12 Episode 4: “The Price for the Past” Review


This week’s episode was a personal one for Booth. I appreciate that when they revealed the victim to be Aldo Clemens they took a moment to explain who he was. Upon seeing a picture of him, I did recognise him, but I still would have been a little unsure and most likely would have had to look him up, so it was nice to get that confirmation within the episode, and it didn’t seem too expositional. This was pretty easy for them to avoid because Jessica Warren (the intern of the week) didn’t know who Aldo was.


Booth’s religion and military background have always been constant factors within the show, so it’s always nice when we get an episode that focuses primarily on at least one of them. This episode was centered around his military background, but his religious beliefs did seep in a little. When we get this close to Booth and his past, it’s inevitable that that’s going to happen.

Finding out that Aldo sacrificed himself to protect someone was heartbreaking, but it opened up the door for a potential story line for this season. With this being the last season it would make sense for the big case/mystery to be personal and/or to affect the entire team. Family is a big theme within Bones, so to have something that would bring them all together and have such an emotional impact seems fitting. So when we find out at the end of this episode that Aldo was protecting Booth, and that someone could still come after him, it only seemed right that this could be the big story line.

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