The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 11: ‘Hostiles and Calamities’ Review

This weeks episode jumps back a little and honestly, it felt slightly odd at first. We go all the way back to Negan returning with Eugene. It wasn’t that much of a surprise because we tended to catch up with the main sides and we haven’t seen the Saviors camp since episode 7 so at some point, we were going to have to return to them. However, it did take some getting used to knowing we had back-tracked a little.


Saying that, I never thought an episode that focused so much on Eugene would be that interesting, but it really was. For this episode we mostly focus on him and Dwight. So I’m going to split this review into two and talk about each of them.

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10: “New Best Friends” Review


This week we meet a new community: the Scavengers, which gives more leverage to the fact that the season will most likely end with the war against the Saviors beginning which will most likely lead into next season. Either way, let’s talk about the new community.

twd 7x10 community.png

So far every community we’ve come across seems to be run differently, which makes it more interesting, and makes it easier to remember each community. When the leader of the Scavengers threw Rick into that pit it was something that I wasn’t expecting. Of course, he managed to survive against the armoured Walker, but I like how he used the things around him to trap the Walker and then killed it. At first he seemed to panic (rightfully so) but in the end, he managed to get the task done and prove himself to the Scavengers.

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9: “Rock in the Road” Review

The Walking Dead is finally back from its mid-season hiatus and it’s a pretty solid start so far. Apart from the first episode (you can read my review of that here) I would say this season has actually been really good, although there does seem to be a lot of people out there who would disagree. At this point, I still don’t think the show is as good as it once was, however, season 7 has definitely proved itself after a disappointing fifth and sixth season.

Rock in the Road picks up almost straight away from where we left off in episode 8. At first we see Father Gabriel back at Alexandria and its nighttime (remember that it was day time in episode 8) and he’s on a watch post before going into the stock room and taking all the food. He then disappears and we don’t see him again for the rest of the episode. It made a lot of sense that we didn’t really hear much about this story line until the end either, especially considering what Rick and the others come across, and it’s clearly opened up for next week’s story line.


We then move on to Hill Top where the group are inside talking to Gregory. I really appreciate how much they all dislike Gregory I think it would surprise me more if someone actually did like him. Either way, the discussions with him went exactly how you would expect them to, making it all the more pleasurable when Enid asked the group to come outside and it became apparent that some of the people at Hill Top were willing to fight because they have faith in Maggie.

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8: “Hearts Still Beating” Review


Here we are at the mid-season finale. It’s odd, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this season. It’s not the best, but it’s actually been pretty enjoyable. I didn’t particularly like the first episode, except for a few moments (you can read my review here), but for the most part this season has actually been fairly good! Due to that it feels like this half of the season has actually gone quite quickly and I can’t believe we’ve reached the mid-season already!

the walking dead 7x08 review.png

It felt good to be opening with Maggie at Hill Top, I was starting to miss that side of the story already. She’s starting to look a lot better, but it’s clear she’s still got a way to go. Her exchange with Gregory was hilarious, especially when you remember that the last time we saw them interact, she punched him in the face. When he told her not to let the nice things people were saying get to her head, only for her to respond with “Don’t let it bother you. Seems like it bothers you.”I laughed so hard. Maggie is so done with Gregory and refuses to let him have any kind of impact on her, and I love it. And there’s also that moment when she makes him give up his apple. Seeing Maggie completely own Gregory is my favourite thing, not only do we get to see her grieve and be upset after what happened, but we get to see her step up and own it.

Seeing how well Maggie, Sasha, and Enid are fitting in is nice to see. At this rate anyone is better than Gregory, but the people of Hill Top could have easily turned on them. It’ll make it much easier I think for her to convince anyone who can fight at Hill Top to help with their plans to take down Negan.

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7: “Sing Me a Song” Review

This week’s episode was a little longer than normal. There didn’t seem to be a huge reason for it, the episode dragged a little for me, but overall it wasn’t bad. We saw a lot of Negan and Carl this episode, and some of other characters too. However, I’m glad most of the story line went to Carl. It’s been a long time coming, but Chandler Riggs is too good of an actor, and Carl is far too interesting, for there not to be a story line specifically for him.

twd 7x07.png

First, let’s talk about the characters who got some screen time, but weren’t really the main focus. The first we see is Michonne. She’s out by herself, clearly up to something. It seems like what she was doing in this episode will lead into something later on. In this episode we get glimpses. We see her luring Walkers, and by the end of the episode we’ve seen her create some kind of roadblock with the Walkers so that she can ambush a Savior and force them to take her to Negan.

Also during this episode we have Carl going after Negan, Jesus trying to find out where Negan is staying, and Rosita planning on going after Negan. So far it didn’t work for Carl, so I feel like they’re building up to all these characters being unable to single handedly take down Negan which will then prompt them into putting more effort into joining forces with other communities like Hill Top and the Kingdom. We don’t get to see whether Michonne is successful or not, but again, that’s something we’ll probably see in a future episode.

With Rosita we see her plan is somewhat working out. She convinced Eugene to make her a bullet, but we still don’t know how she’s going to get to Negan or if she’ll be successful. If Michonne gets there and fails, and/or Rosita finds out about Carl failing, then it’ll either spur her on to do a better job or she might back down, at least until a bigger plan can be put into motion.

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