Bridgerton Season 2 Review

[Header: Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton and Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma | Netflix]

This post has potential, minor SPOILERS.

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure how much I’d like season 2 of Bridgerton going into it. This is because I never felt any particular way towards Anthony (the eldest Bridgerton sibling whom this season follows). I was, however, happy to find that I enjoyed this season quite a bit and honestly, I probably enjoyed it as equally as the first.

Here’s the thing with Bridgerton. It’s not going to be for everyone and I would argue is not the kind of show you go into for anything other than a good time. While it does have deeper and more emotional scenes and storylines — Anthony’s past surrounding his father is a particularly good example of this — it can also be a little silly and over the top at times.

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New Girl Season 7 Episode 8: ‘Engram Pattersky’ Review

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It worked really well that Nick and Jess’ wedding happened in the penultimate episode so we could focus on them all as a group in the finale. It was all made a hundred times better by the fact that it took place primarily in the loft. Quite a lot of New Girl has taken place there so it was really fitting that we got to end the series in the same space.

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New Girl Season 7 Episode 7: ‘The Curse of the Pirate Bride’ Review

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In my review for episode 6, I said that the messed up engagement was a very good fit for Nick and Jess and perhaps the wedding could be the perfect, planned out event but I’m so glad it wasn’t. Seeing how screwed up everything became this episode really made me happy. Although, I did love their little set up on the roof before it all went wrong.

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