Eighth Grade (2018) | Movie Review

[Header Image: Elsie Fisher as Kayla Day | A24]

“But it’s like, being yourself is, like, not changing yourself to impress someone else.”

I’ve been waiting so long to see this movie and thanks to an eight hour flight I took recently, I finally got to!

Eighth Grade follows Kayla Day (Elsie Fisher) throughout her last days before she starts high school. Along the way we see that she has her own youtube channel and while everyone at school believes she’s quiet, Kayla thinks she’s actually quite talkative and even a little outgoing when you get to know her.

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Moonlight (2016) | Movie Review [Spoiler Free]

[Header Image: Alex Hibbert as Child Chiron/Little | A24}

I’m incredibly late to the game with this one but it’s been a little over two weeks since I watched Moonlight for the first time and I can’t stop thinking about it. It had been on my list to watch ever since it came out and I’m kicking myself that it took so long. I knew it was going to be good – all of the talk surrounding it as well as the awards and whatnot were telling enough – but I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. It’s impossible not to be a little in awe and I honestly don’t know if the current haze I’m living in will ever go away. Every time it seems that my brain is going to focus on someting else, I suddenly start thinking about this movie. It really is something else.

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REVISITING: 10 Things I Want to See in ‘Good Girls’ Season 2

[Header Image: Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Julian Gant as JT, Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, and Retta as Ruby Hill | NBC]

Back in February, right before season 2 of Good Girls started, I wrote a blog post talking about some things I was hoping to see during the season and today I’m going to revisit that post to see if any of those things happened. Before we jump into it, if you want to read the original post, you can find it here. The original list wasn’t in any particular order but this post will follow that same order.Rio

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13: ‘King’ Review

[Header Image: Manny Montana as Rio | NBC]

Another season of Good Girls is officially over and now starts the long wait for season 3. Thank goodness we do have another season though because while ‘King’ was definitely an interesting watch, it would have been a pretty painful end for the show. Not everything that we’ve seen so far was concluded and it certainly opened the doors for even more possibilities moving forward.

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12: ‘Jeff’ Review

There was some pretty strong focus on Mary Pat this week and we finally back track to episode 3 of this season where Boomer supposedly “died.” Something always felt off to me about that episode. While I was excited, like most people, that Boomer finally got what was coming to him, it did feel really sudden and never quite sat right. Well, now we know that it’s because Boomer was never really dead and has in fact been hiding out this entire time.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 22: ‘Survive the Night’ Review

Another season of Riverdale comes to an end and I have to say, it was surprisingly good. I’ve said it before but the pacing and structure this season wasn’t very good. It was incredibly messy and just felt like things were being dragged out. Although, at least we got some kind of conclusion to the G&G content and the Farm content while also finally putting an end to the Black Hood.

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