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This episode we move back to Cherry’s fight club and it is a good one. Grundy and Ed have now made a name for himself. They even have an act. When I first heard that Ed was going to make fun of Oswald and play him, I didn’t really know what to expect. What we got certainly wasn’t it.

I really like that they seemed to have found a home and have settled. Based on all the scenes we get between Ed and Lee it seems like she’s actually taken to the pair. In episode 6 we saw that she agreed to work with them because she wanted money to help with her clinic. However, in this episode, it seems like they’re genuinely getting on.

There’s a moment where she goes to help Ed when she realises he’s in danger. Now, this could be because he’s her source of money now, but perhaps it’s because she genuinely cares about his wellbeing.

Another scene is the end when Lee is considered to be the new leader of Cherry’s. In that moment Ed backs her up and gives her a pep talk about why she’s the perfect choice. Again, this could be to keep her on his side because he needs her, but it could also be because he genuinely wants to support her.

I love these possibilities and if it continues like this then we could reach a point in which they’re genuine friends who want the best for each other. Also, in that scene where Lee tries to stop Barbara and co from taking Ed, it seems like Grundy mainly listens to Ed but also seems to like Lee and listen to her too. This adds to the idea they’re developing as a trio as well.

There were some great interactions thanks to Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina showing up at the Narrows. We got to see Ed and Barbara interact which I loved because at this point I’ll take what I can get, but this is also another example of Gotham glossing over certain things when it comes to characters interacting after a long time.

We got some minor interactions between Barbara and Lee which were fantastic. One wish I have is for the two of them to team up, perhaps become Query and Echo. So to see them interact the way they did was wonderful and I honestly hope we get more of it.

The other interaction, the most important one, was Tabitha and Grundy. It was a little shocking that he began to remember her in the end and I wonder where Gotham plans to go with this. I really thought we were going to leave Butch behind and move on. I loved seeing them interact again and I thought it was sweet that Tabitha was the one to elicit some kind of memory from him, but I can’t really see where this might lead. Hopefully, we get more hints and clues as we go on.

Jim becoming Captian was no surprise. There was a behind the scenes picture of the Captain’s office and it had Jim’s name on it. It was, however, heartbreaking to see him and Harvey (seemingly) lose their friendship over it. It’ll be interesting to see how they move forward from here, or if they ever do.

I didn’t expect Jim to drop Sofia like that. If I was right, then she’s in Gotham mostly for herself, so hopefully, this doesn’t derail her or affect her much. The only problem is the fact that Oswald seems to be onto her now. I just hope they don’t kill her off.

Other things:

  • I loved the relationship between Oswald and Martin. That was super interesting. It seems like that’s going to develop more in the next episode but it’s certainly something new and refreshing to watch.
  • I loved when Selina, Tabitha, and Barbara were trying not to laugh at Oswald. I particularly loved when Tabitha nudged Selina to stop her from laughing, and then when Selina stands up to Oswald, Barbara looks so proud. You can already see that sisterly relationship growing between them and I love it.
  • Firefly. I was starting to wonder about her, I hope we see more of her.

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