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The biggest part of this episode was about Ruth going to preschool for the first time. All of this was broken up nicely by Nick and Winston who spend the episode being supportive of each other.

We saw Nick struggling to write his new book, and Winston unable to take the stand in a trial. Throughout Nick tries to get Winston to admit he was going to pleasure himself that one time Nick came to visit him, and once Winston admits that he was at least going to, it allowed for him to take the stand in the trial. And for Nick, it took getting punched in the face for him to be able to write his 20 pages. Both of these things are wrapped up in them giving each other a pep talk.

Their portion of the episode was small but still very much enjoyable. There aren’t as many episodes this season so it’s a lot of fun to see different characters get paired up throughout the episodes. In this particular episode, it was also nice to see Nick and Winston be so supportive of each other.

Elsewhere we have Ruth preparing for an interview she has at a very high-standard preschool. I love that Jess and Schmidt have been arguing over how Ruth should be raised since the day she was born. It’s little moments like this (things mentioned in passing) and the flashbacks we’ve seen, that inform us on what we missed during the time jump without it being to expositional or in huge chunks of information.

Jess teaching Ruth was a really great moment. That’s one interaction we haven’t had the pleasure of fully experiencing yet. Also, it was adorable that Ruth called her “Aunt Jess.”

Despite their disagreements, it turns out that Jess’ way of teaching actually worked, especially when teamed up with Schmidt’s way. This combination made for quite an eventful time at the preschool. Ruth is such a fun little character. Personality wise she fits in with the rest of the group, but she’s also her own character who brings something new to the table.

The best part was when Schmidt’s old friend, after being so pretentious, discovers his son isn’t so perfect at everything. I loved that everyone around him was basically like “yikes” when he got really angry over the fact that it was an oval and not a circle, but it was even better that Ruth was the one to stand up to him. Something I love about this is that New Girl managed to showcase that children do pay attention to things around them and they will repeat what they’ve heard but the show does it in such a comical way. The way Ruth causes chaos was really fun, especially when it started with something small and grew bigger.

Also, Schmit’s old friend getting hit in the face with scissors was a lot more extreme that I was expecting but still hilarious.

My only complaint about this episode and the last one is the lack of Aly. Hopefully, we see her again soon.

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