[Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer | Freevee]

This post contains spoilers.

Continuing with the theme of personal jobs and team members’ pasts coming up, this week the focus is on Eliot. After an old friend of his, Paul, is killed in an explosion, he’s presented with the idea that it might not be an accident. Of course, he’s quick to take action and during a rather sweet team interaction Parker (and Sophie) make it clear that Eliot didn’t have to ask for their help because they would all jump at the chance to help him anyway. It’s always such a delight to see these moments between them. It’s been made very clear way back during the original run of the show that they are a family and even with new members Breanna and Harry, this is still the case, so it’s always lovely to see them interact like this,

True to their word, the team plays their part to help find proof of foul play and like things often do with this series, there are surprises along the way, particularly in the form of Eliot’s friend actually being alive. With the reasoning for the job does change, their target remains the same, and as always the team pivot flawlessly. It was also fun to see Eliot and Paul take out security around the area with Harry serving as a big distraction at one point. More hilariously, was Harry being mistaken for Eliot and putting on a deep, gruff voice to imitate him.

Speaking of imitations, it’s always fun to watch Sophie slip into different roles to suit her needs. It was fun to watch her make her way around the camp, blending in by staying out in the open, while Parker took a slightly different route. While she did appear out in the open from time to time, we often found her sneaking around and in particular, hiding in trees. It’s always great to watch each team member approach the job in ways that fit their skill sets because, like with Parker and Sophie during this episode, it makes for great teamwork.

Now, while Parker and Sophie are working together and Eliot, Paul, and Harry are working together, Breanna is out on her own. Left outside the property to try and break down the firewalls in place. It was great to see her talk her way into a nearby property so she can be close enough to work her magic, it was even better to see what a role this place and the owner’ (employee’s?) love for a local frog population would play in the overall plan.

In the end, as always, the job ties up neatly. Although their main goal does shift, the team is able to move with it and still come out successful.


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