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I love the fact that the guards at Arkham all wear headphones that plays really loud music so that Jervis Tetch can’t hypnotise them. It was such a great way to open the episode and finally, we get to see Jervis again!

Jonathan and Jervis is a duo I didn’t really expect. From on set pictures there was the possibility that Jerome, Jervis, and Jonathan were going to team up but I never really put much thought into the two of them by themselves. Seeing them chat away to each other, referring to each other as “Mr Tetch” and “Mr Crane”, was so wonderful and it’s a duo I hope we see a lot more of in the rest of the season and perhaps further on.

I do have one question though, how did Jonathan get into Arkham? The last we saw of him back in episode 2 of season 4, he was running away from Jim, presumably to come up with some sort of plan. Perhaps this was his plan and he deliberately got caught and sent away in order to help Jerome and Jervis. But maybe it wasn’t planned, maybe he just got caught. It just seems like a pretty significant thing that they could have addressed in a simple throwaway line. It could come up again in a later episode, but I highly doubt it.

Breaking Jervis out of his Arkham transport was another little gem. We got more interaction between him and Jonathan which was great to see, but it also really cemented that these two, plus, Jerome, make an enjoyable little team to watch.

It was nice to see Jim and Harvey working together again! It’s clear that the latter still has some trust issues and they are at odds a little in this episode, but by the end that slowly begins to change and we’re still moving towards these two properly making up and going back to the way they were before.

It was fitting that Jervis was the one to keep Jim distracted considering everything that happened back in season 3. Jervis is done now, he’s no longer making things fair (not that they were always fair in the first place) and he’s still clearly fueled, in some way, by Alice’s death.

I do have to say though, that wrecking ball moment was really good. I loved how he tells Jim there’s no chances to win and then tips his hat as a signal to let the ball drop. It was a really satisfying sequence of events to watch.

As the episode goes on Jim and Harvey discover that Jervis is hypnotising people and telling them to climb up to the rooftops of Gotham and be prepared to jump at midnight, if anyone tries to approach the people on the roof, they jump. The same goes for him they try to save themselves.

Harvey choosing to lock himself in the car and listen to the radio station that Jervis is transmitting from is the start of us getting back that beautiful Jim and Harvey relationship. Later, after Jervis has been stopped and the people on the rooftops save themselves, Harvey speaks to Jim about how he was able to do it because he knew that Jim would be there. It showed that he still has faith in him.

At one point, Jim mentions that he’s better off out of the GCPD and in prison. Harvey doesn’t necessarily disagree, but despite their differences in opinion and how badly Jim has messed up, Harvey believes that Jim is better off in the GCPD (and out of prison) because he saves lives. That just adds to this idea that Harvey still has faith in Jim (and trusts him), but he’s not naive and knows that that doesn’t necessarily make Jim a good person.

Also, I loved that shaky thumbs up that Jim gave the radio guy after he manages to help save everyone.

Selina and Bruce continuing to help each other makes me so happy. These two always have fantastic scenes together but those scenes always seem to be few and far between. It would be great if they could continue to work together in some regard for the rest of the season (beyond that would be fantastic too) because it genuinely feels like it’s been forever since we got any really significant interaction between the two of them.

In this episode, we see their opposite ways of thinking. Bruce is simply helping Selina because he wanted to, and Selina is helping him this episode because she doesn’t want to owe him later. It really does speak to their personalities. Bruce, although he’s acted out recently, has always been about helping other people at no gain of his own, and Selina has always been about surviving just long enough to at least see the next day, not owing anyone means that’s one less thing to watch out for.

Regardless, I did enjoy seeing them break into Jim’s office at the GCPD. The way Selina doesn’t even have to look at what she’s doing to pick the lock, and how Bruce distracts Harper. I love how he quickly progressed from simply talking to her to fake crying. He was completely overdramatic and it reminded me a lot of when he was at Oswald’s auction and loudly spending money on lots of artwork earlier this season. It was also great to see Selina sneak out of the office and then when Harper’s back is turned, Bruce disappears too.

The “Your ego, Bruce. It’s huge.” moment was really great because throughout this episode we see Bruce constantly stating that what Jerome does is his fault considering he could have killed him, and that’s not true. Selina so much as tells him this. He clearly is still trying to find a balance between his beliefs and his actions as a vigilante. On the one hand, he doesn’t want to kill anyone (especially after Ra’s) and this is shown when he doesn’t try to kill Jerome this episode, but on the other hand, he’s carrying around this guilt because Jerome is still alive to cause chaos. He can’t have it both ways. With Jerome, and any other villain, alive there’s always this chance they’re going to do more bad things, even if they’re locked up. Selina is right when she says “Not everything is your fault or your responsibility” before telling him to get over himself.

Also, for a hot second it looked like he might kiss but no, he just opens the door for her. I loved her little laugh at it all though.

With Jerome in the diner we got to see that playful, twisted side of him in a small, simple setting which was fun. The way he plays with the food and how he talks to his Uncle, it all adds to this character who doesn’t care about being in charge, he just wants to have some fun. We were also able to see that he isn’t invincible, but he does still bounce back with a lot of force. He gets hot soup poured all over him but later it’s almost as if it never happened and he doesn’t even bat an eyelash at it.

I enjoyed that while Bruce is fighting the Strong Man at one end of the diner, we see Jerome holding a gun to his Uncle and demanding the information he came for. Later we see Jerome watching as the Strong Man is winning the fight and he is very vocal in his enjoyment. These over the top reactions to things are one of the many incidents that help to cement that Cameron Monaghan is incredibly fantastic in this role.

Although he was great in the diner, Selina interrupting was by far the best part. Especially the we way she used her whip to take Jerome’s gun and distract the Strong Man, followed by using said gun to try and shoot Jerome. I love it when different characters interact in this show because you can put any two (or more) characters together and it’s guaranteed to be enjoyable. This very short interaction between Jerome and Selina really made me want to see more from them in the future.

The only other storyline in this episode is Barbara. It’s nice to see that she’s still somewhat herself after the previous episode. When we found out she was going to be in charge of the League of Shadows I was ecstatic but it still seems like Ra’s is going to come back at some point. I think it would be a poor move if he didn’t. But that simply begs the question, will he take everything from Barbara when he does or will they work together?

I’m hoping for the latter. When we see Ra’s bringing her back to life (which I loved actually!) it appears as if he does genuinely care about her. It would be much better, in my opinion, to see the two of them work as a team rather than against each other. With the League behind them, they would make some pretty powerful characters and could be a really good villain for season 5.

Also, Barbara killing that man as if it was nothing was such a highlight.

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