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In my review for episode 6, I said that the messed up engagement was a very good fit for Nick and Jess and perhaps the wedding could be the perfect, planned out event but I’m so glad it wasn’t. Seeing how screwed up everything became this episode really made me happy. Although, I did love their little set up on the roof before it all went wrong.

It was hilarious and fitting that superstition played a huge part in this episode. Nick and Jess finding out the hard way that maybe they did screw things up by sleeping together the night before the wedding was so perfect. Of course, Jess found out by slipping in the shower and scratching her eye on a dog toy, I would be upset if it wasn’t that ridiculous.

With Nick, he finds out when a bird poos on him and he tries to convince his publisher to publish something other than Pepperwood only to lose his deal altogether. His way was incredibly fitting as well and I love that they both came to the conclusion that perhaps the superstition is real separately and in their own way.

That’s not even the end of it, things continue to go downhill for a bit after that. Jess, thanks to her mother, gets high and ends up eating big chunks of her wedding cake. I love that she stuck a googly eye to her eye patch too. On top of that Russell shows up to declare his love and suggests that Jess should be with him instead. Thankfully it’s not a big thing in the episode and it’s never really taken seriously. I did love that he was the one to drive them to the hospital later.

Nick soon finds out what is going on and tries to fight Russell with the help of Winston and Schmidt (unsurprisingly they all suck), but they are interrupted by Aly going into labour. I love that she tried to hide it the entire time because she wanted to go to the wedding and probably because she didn’t want to face up to the fact that she was actually going to have her baby.

All of this leads to the hospital where we finally get the wedding! I think it worked really well and they made the most of it. It was an adorable setup, especially that balloon arch. I like that Ruth was the flower girl and that Aly got to be there before she gave birth. The wedding ended up being really fantastic and two things really helped to make it that way. The first was the heart to heart that Nick and Jess have right before they get married. The second was that immediately after we got to meet Aly and Winston’s baby boy. The entire episode wrapped everything up so nicely and it really was a fantastic penultimate episode.

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