[Header: Julian Silver as Keith, Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux, and Emily Hall as Jenna | Freevee]

This episode was so good! At its core, the story was interesting and honestly, done quite well. Sure, it maybe could have gone deeper but I appreciate how it was told and handled while also keeping that comedic tone that Leverage: Redemption has (including the original).

The thing I loved the most about this episode was how it was primarily told from the perspective of Jenna (Emily Hall) and partly from Keith (Julian Silver), especially after Jenna discovers what has been going on within the company she works for. The severity of the crimes — sexual harassment and assault — is better shown by having a lot of the episode come from someone within that environment and what adds to that is the fact that we see Jenna talking to the assistant who came before her.

It was, however, still great to see the team doing what they do best. Eliot fighting the security guards before they can get to Jenna was delightful and more so because he had to be sneakier than usual. Throughout, Parker still got to crack a safe and Harry got to go undercover and both things were wonderful to watch even though the episode was framed very differently. The best thing though was to hear Breanna sing! She was so wonderful and it was a pleasant turn of events.

Despite the team not being on screen as much, as well as us not being with them from start to finish with this job, it was still entertaining to know that they were there. The clicks on the phone being an indicator that they’re listening in and how things conveniently seem to go in Jenna and Keith’s favour out of nowhere. The comedy of it is heightened by Jenna and Keith both just shrugging it off like it’s some strange coincidence.

In the end, the two of them could not have pulled it off without the team but they did have great approaches and wonderful intentions. It would be criminal not to see them again at some point in the future and the fact that they never figured out other people were involved will make for a fantastic meeting between the two of them and the leverage team later down the line. I know this episode won’t be for everyone, it was a little odd to not see the characters we’re used to seeing each episode, but it felt like such a refreshing little moment and thankfully, we spent time with two people who are interesting and lovable while working a job that was entertaining and wonderful.

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