This post contains SPOILERS.

Whip taking care of Michael and trying to reassure him was so great to see. I really do love their relationship. You can tell that they do genuinely care about each other and have developed a very real (and very strong) relationship through their time working together.

It’s interesting to see tensions rise because this scene shows how they all care about Michael and what happens to him. Lincoln wants his brother to get help but he also doesn’t want Michael to be arrested, Whip doesn’t care about Michael being arrested so long as he lives, and while they butt heads over the decision you see that Ja was about to go over and check on Michael, to make sure he’s okay.

Even though we know he’s the villain, I did appreciate the little moment between Jacob and Sara. It was nice to see her laugh.

Especially considering we then move on to her receiving a phone call from Lincoln, confirming that it really is their Michael and he’s out but needs her help. The fact that she was just willing to hop on a plane and go to save his life was fantastic. The way she didn’t even think twice. Of course, that means that one moment of happiness is going to be turned upside down, even just a little.

If this season had been any longer I would be really sad about Ja choosing to stay behind, however, because it is so short I was just happy to see him happy. From the moment they arrive, it was clear that he loved it there and it was nice to know that he got some kind of happy ending. His goodbye with Whip was also really wonderful to see. It’s clearly showcased throughout the season how close they characters became while in prison. Even though we’ve seen them fight, they always come together in the end.

Although it was obvious Michael wasn’t going to die, it was still kind of intense to see him so vulnerable and, for once, with his fate completely in other people’s hands. Something that must have been unsettling for him because it’s usually him who has the plan and is leading the charge.

Whip and Michael’s relationship continues on and it was actually really sad, to see Whip get so emotional over possibly losing Michael. The way, by the end of the scene, he just quietly says “please.” Whip is younger than Michael and it did always appear like he looked up to him.

Of course, the emotions just keep on coming because we then get the Michael and Sara reunion (finally!). The way she just stops and stares at him for a moment before quietly making her way over and gently crouching by the bed. His reaction to seeing her, the way she said she missed him, and the way they held onto each other. Everything about the reunion was perfect and it really felt like it was worth the wait.

Thankfully we get some kind of break from the emotions through Lincoln and Whip trying to come up with a plan. Finally, Sucre comes into play which I was so excited about that! It’s a real crime that he wasn’t in this season more, he’s such a fantastic character and his absence didn’t go unnoticed so it was nice to finally see him come back.

I will admit I was a little shocked when that agent got shot in the hanger. It wasn’t a complete shock because something had to happen to him eventually, but for some reason, it still caught me by surprise. I also loved how it played out alongside Michael and Sara talking and when Michael sees the picture of Jacob, it cuts to him walking into the hanger, completely cementing the fact that he really is Poseidon.

Of course, this changes the tone of the reunion, but they do it so well. This information allows for Sara and Michael to bond and become closer, but it doesn’t fully brush over the fact that he’s been gone for so long and Sara is mostly likely hurting. Also through this, we get some more information on Jacob and how he is connected to Michael. Moments like this are very expositional, but it’s never too jarring and with this season being much shorter than the previous ones, I can personally let it slide.

Then we split into two separate stories (that do connect in places). On one side we have Sara. She comes so close to getting away. She’s very smart in getting Mike somewhere safe first, but naturally, Jacob is one step ahead of her. With this only being the seventh episode it’s not too surprising, it’s just a little too early for her to get away, especially after only just receiving confirmation that he is Poseidon.

Elsewhere we have the group on the ship Sucre works on. Thanks to Jacob, Van Gogh, and A&W things don’t exactly go to plan. First, the Navy are called in and they’re almost caught, but luckily they manage to steer the boat towards waters where they have no jurisdiction. That was a really smart move, especially using Sucre who has safe passage because he’s part of the crew was really great. Of course, it doesn’t end there and they’re forced to jump ship when they realise it’s going to be blown up.

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