This post contains SPOILERS.

After the end of last week’s episode it was unsurprising that this one would feel a little heavy. That opening shot with the fridge was 1) a pretty cool way of starting the episode, and 2) threw us into everything in a very simple way. The fact that we got more clarification on that opening through a conversation between Booth and Brennan made it seem so natural and provided us with the information we needed without it being to expositional.

Right from the start, a tone is set. Booth and Brennan aren’t strangers to fights or being distant from each other, it’s one of the things that makes their relationship so great to watch – they’re not perfect. However, it is always unsettling, so to see Brennan avoiding Booth and not wanting to talk it him, just added to the overall feeling of sadness that the episode gave off.

This continues on throughout the episode, but it was nice to see at the end that it was nothing personal, that in fact, Brennan was worried about Booth’s feelings. It was nice to see them have that much-needed conversation and for them to be by each other’s side again in time for the funeral.

The case of the week was interesting and took us away from the usual setting for some of the episode. Aubrey and food make one of the best pairings on the show, and it’s always a light moment to look forward too. Seeing Hodgins and Clark’s excitement over the possibility of Vikings, again added some light to the episode. It was the balance that Bones is oh so good at doing. Even in their darkest episodes, there’s always a moment of light to see you through.

Now on to what, for me, was the best part of this episode – Tim Sullivan, better known as Sully. If you don’t know, we last saw Sully back during season 2. He was great character, very easy to love, and hearing he was coming back for this season was a pretty big highlight for me. Something the show has done well is filling the gaps of who Sully is for those who might not remember, or didn’t watch the show back then, without it being too expositional. They did a similar thing during episode 4 when they introduced a previous character called Aldo Clemens.

With this episode we had characters like Clark who didn’t know Sully, so through the characters explaining who Sully was to Clark, we the audience were reminded in a very natural way. Having him back after all this time was wonderful. It was great to see that natural chemistry between him and Brennan, but feel no threat to her relationship with Booth. Even though Angela did say that he was the only person besides Booth who ever stood a chance. It was sad to see that she seemed to open up to Sully more than Booth, but we do find out later that that was nothing personal, and in fact Brennan felt bad because she should have been with Booth, talking to him about what was going on. They gave Sully the perfect amount of screen time that it felt worth them bringing him back.

They gave Sully the perfect amount of screen time that it felt worth them bringing him back, but didn’t build it up too much that you would be disappointed if we never saw him again. This episode did remind me, however, that I would like to see Russ again.

Some other things to appreciate:

  • Brennan’s speech at Max’s funeral.
  • How everyone was there for Brennan throughout the episode, but not in an overwhelming way.
  • The little bit at the end with Cam, Angela, Hodgins, and Clark talking about Vikings.
  • Sully teasing Brennan about her kids.
  • Sully calling Brennan “Tempe” which was incredibly fitting because one of the other people to do that was Max, and now he’s gone.
  • The fact that Sully owns a sandwich shop and has/wants to name sandwiches after both Brennan and Booth.

With it being so close to the end of the series, I find myself just sitting back and enjoying the episodes as they come. I hope the ending is satisfactory, but for right now I’m not going to worry either way and just continue to enjoy each one as they come.

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